Ecke Pelargonium, Geranium Breeding Relocated

As part of a planned move to focus research and product development at its corporate headquarters, Ecke Geraniums, LLC has completed a relocation of its pelargonium and geranium breeding to its Encinitas, Calif., facilities.

“Having all research and development in one facility allows us to capitalize on all of our resources–people, facility and processes,” notes Steve Rinehart, Chief Operating Officer of Ecke Geraniums, LLC. Rinehart continues “We have invested in facilities here in Encinitas devoted to clean breeding of pelargonium’s, allowing for the movement of gene pool and breeder trials.”

“Centralizing all the breeding activities here in Encinitas allows me to utilize our resources more effectively, and provides me with faster feedback and assessment of trials, crosses, and breeding effects,” says Margaret Schaber, geranium breeder for Ecke Geraniums. “I look forward to accelerating and enhancing the level of breeding we are currently conducting.”

As part of this planned, two year transition, the Oglevee Lompoc trial and research station has been transitioned to the control and management of Floranova.

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