Floragem High On ‘BIG RED’

Geranium ‘BIG RED’ is one of several new items in the VIVA! collection available at The Home Depot this year. It grows to about 15 inches and takes full to part sun.

Ray French, product manager of the VIVA! line for Floragem, says ‘BIG RED’ is a cross between a hanging basket geranium and an upright zonal type. “Look at the leaf shape and you will see a leaf that has the basket geranium shape, but with a texture and color of a zonal upright. This is a huge breakthrough, as ‘BIG RED’ will do well in either a basket situation or in your garden.”

“From a design standpoint, Lisa Heredia, program manager of the VIVA! line, says ‘BIG RED’ offers not only a true red color, but the dark leaves are a great contrast. “At a recent industry event, people lined up four deep to look at this plant. That is unheard of! This is truly a special geranium.”

For more information, go to www.vivagarden.com.

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