Spotlight On: ‘Blushing Turtle’ Geranium

Spotlight On: 'Blushing Turtle' Geranium

Unlike some older varieties, today’s perennial geraniums have been bred for trouble-free, long-blooming performance. Geranium ‘Blushing Turtle,’ a Blooms of Bressingham introduction, was bred in British Columbia.

This geranium has a fantastic garden presence. It starts with elegantly ruffled, 1-inch blooms that are a translucent, orchid pink and marked with intricate veins of bolder, more vivid pink. Rich green maple-leaf foliage forms thick, impressive mounds, and toothy leaves take on rich fall hues when cold weather arrives.

‘Blushing Turtle’ blooms heavily in June with some rebloom September through frost. It climbs through shrubs or on structures and tumbles over walls up to four feet. Although not exceedingly drought tolerant, it thrives in average soil and enjoys light shade. Plant unvernalized liners in spring for full flowering pots in 11 weeks.

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