Great For ’08

Great For '08

Always looking ahead, All-America Selections has begun the promotion cycle for the varieties consumers will see at retail next spring. Just three made the cut after last year’s extensive summer trials. 

Osteospermum ‘Asti White’

Bred by Goldsmith Seeds, ‘Asti White’ is the first white-flowered osteospermum propagated from seed. Retailers and landscapers prefer single colors to mixtures for their customers. Advantages include a lower input cost than cuttings, uniform plant size and flowering time, and heat and drought tolerance. Plants finish in 14-16 weeks from plugs into 4-inch pots or larger.

Viola ‘Skippy XL Plum-Gold’

Kieft Seeds Holland’s ‘Skippy XL Plum-Gold’ is the first viola with a golden face, cute black whiskers and shades of plum surrounding the face or blotch. The color combination is unique and performance is exceptional, proving to be both cold and heat tolerant in trial grounds. As a Cool Season Bedding Plant Winner, it was tested in Southern locations during the winter. 

Eggplant ‘Hansel’

A true miniature eggplant in both plant size and fruit, ‘Hansel’ adapts perfectly to container production. Bred by Seminis Vegetable Seeds, ‘Hansel’ bears glossy, dark purple fruit in finger-like clusters with fewer seeds. If fruit is left on the plant, it continues to grow and remains tender and non-bitter, which offers gardeners flexibility in harvests.

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