Grower Tool: Geranium Forum

Grower Tool: Geranium Forum

Ecke Ranch recently launched an online geranium forum to the Ecke Ranch Tech Help Bulletin Board so growers can share information with each other and receive technical information from Ecke’s technical staff, respected industry leaders and university professionals.

The forum can be accessed day and night, along with Ecke’s annual and poinsettia forums, at Users can generally expect a response from an expert within 24 hours.


Topics expected to drive the site include general geranium culture, growth regulating, pest control, crop scheduling and variety selection. Anything geraniums goes, though, and all technical information offered is backed by Oglevee Products.

Nearly 1,000 users have registered with the Ecke Ranch Tech Help Bulletin Board since the poinsettia forum was launched four seasons ago. More than 2,000 posts have been made on the poinsettia forum.