Heims Appears On Martha Stewart Show

Terra Nova Nurseries President Dan Heims, a well-known horticulturist, made a guest appearance on The Martha Stewart Show last Friday. Aired by the Hallmark channel, the show included two full segments featuring Heims, who was introduced by Stewart as one of the nation’s leading breeders.

The first segment included an interview between Stewart and Heims, during which Heims discussed plant discovery and breeding. Stewart asked about Terra Nova’s process of plant exploration trips, tissue culture and propagation. Heims detailed the process for Stewart and a live audience during the taping of the show. The initial segment also focused on qualities Terra Nova seeks in plants that lead to hybridization and how this translates to robust plants with superior characteristics for gardeners.
The second segment provided Stewart and her viewers a look at Terra Nova’s select new plants for 2011, specifically acanthus ‘Whitewater,’ cyclamen ‘Something Magic,’ heuchera ‘Georgia Peach,’ tiarella ‘Jeepers Creepers’ and heucherella ‘Solar Power.’ 
Stewart commented that she very much liked the plants and asked Heims to send the varieties to her. She concluded the final segment by showcasing the Terra Nova plant catalog, saying each member of the studio audience would be sent home with a copy.
The televised segments may be viewed on the show’s website at MarthaStewart.com.
Heims guest appearance is one of many speaking and similar engagements on his part each year, including a list of trade show, garden show, radio, university and other public events. Heims was also featured as a radio guest on the Martha Stewart Living Channel, Homegrown, which aired via Sirius/XM on March 15. 
To learn more about Terra Nova Nurseries, visit TerraNovaNurseries.com.

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