High Praise For SunPatiens – Even In Texas

High Praise For SunPatiens – Even In Texas

Jimmy Turner, the director of research at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, initially scoffed at the notion of sun-loving impatiens excelling in North Texas. He later discovered the “gardening myth” behind Sunpatiens, was indeed true. And after praising them in an article, Ecke Ranch, Sakata America and Floragem donated 15,000 Sunpatiens for the arboretum’s summer and fall display.

“No plant makes it into our seasonal displays without first proving its metal in our trial program,” Turner says. “We have tested the Sunpatiens the last three years and they absolutely take the full infernal heat of a Texas summer and flower constantly.” 


Dave Forehand, vice president of gardens for the arboretum, thinks highly of this particular impatiens, bred by Sakata Seed and distributed through Ecke Ranch.

“Sunpatiens have been the unexpected star of our summer and fall displays this year,” he says.  “Their vibrant colors and non-stop flowering have been guests’ favorites all year long.”