Hort Couture Announces Grower Network

Since July, Hort Couture has been building a network of more than 30 growers to produce its line of plants for independent garden centers.

Valleybrook Gardens in British Columbia
Blooming Nursery in Oregon
Monterey Bay Nursery in California
Clearwater Nursery in California
SD Growers in California
Center Greenhouse in Colorado

Malmborgs in Minnesota
Zylstra Greenhouses in Michigan
Simpson Greenhouses in Michigan
Shreve Greenhouse in Ohio

Ellisons Greenhouses in Texas

Valleybrook Gardens in Ontario
Quansett Nurseries in Massachusetts
Matterhorn Nursery in New York
Centerton Nursery in New Jersey
Trail Nurseries in Pennsylvania
Greenstreet Growers in Maryland
Bob’s Market in West Virginia

Aarons Creek Farms in Virginia
Riverbend Nursery in Virginia and Georgia
A&A Plants in North Carolina
Kings Greenhouses in North Carolina
Barton’s Greenhouse & Nursery in Alabama
Batsons Foliage Group in Florida
Morning Dew Tropicals in Florida
Sun Fire Nurseries in Florida
Excelsa Gardens in Florida

For more information, call 866-955-HORT or visit www.hortcoutureplants.com.

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