Danziger’s Musica Double Impatiens Series

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Danziger's Musica Double Impatiens Series

Musica, a spectacular double Impatiens walleriana, is the result of Danziger Flower Farm’s intense and innovative breeding programs. Fully double, delicately formed rosebud flowers deliver a continuous dazzling display of irresistible color.
Plants are tight and perfectly mounded, adding stem strength that’s vital in adverse weather conditions and enhancing the variety’s garden performance. Robust plants have attractive deep green foliage. Short internodes ensure flower buds are tightly stacked on the stem growth tips to provide a profuse, sustained blooming canopy.

Twenty-eight unique commercial varieties are now available in various colors, including 12 of the latest Musica variety introductions for the 2010-11 season.

One new example is the new ‘Music Pure White.’ This variety complements the existing two white varieties: ‘Musica Pearl’ and ‘Musica White Blush.’ ‘Musica Pure White’ is characterized by large flowers and a compact growth habit. The variety’s flowers are truly a pure white color–as white as fresh morning snow. The white flowers contrast beautifully against the green foliage, providing an elegant and classic appeal.

Musica is quick to finish and offers great plant compactness, as well as a wide selection of spectacular colors. Varieties have dependable, enhanced garden performance and natural self-branching.

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