SunPatiens Now Available To All Growers

SunPatiens Now Available To All Growers

The SunPatiens line of full-sun, heat-tolerant impatiens is now in open distribution and no longer exclusive to Home Depot. All growers and retailers now have access to the new class of impatiens hybrid.

The breeding behind SunPatiens addresses the challenges that commonly occur in seed and New Guinea impatiens. The SunPatiens have stronger root development, faster finish times and greater vigor in the garden for the consumer, even if grown in hot climates.

SunPatiens are available in 15 varieties and three series: Compact, Spreading and Vigorous. Each series works well in the landscape, while the Compact series is rapidly becoming a substitute for New Guinea impatiens, according to Sakata, the breeder company. The Spreading series works especially well for hanging baskets, offering the opportunity for faster finish and fewer cuttings.

To find out more, visit the SunPatiens website.

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