iPhone Now Gardener Friendly

iPhone Now Gardener Friendly

iPhone users: Meet the GardenPilot iPhone App from 10-20 Media.

The new application for gardeners features more than 14,000 illustrated plant information pages to assist the researching gardener in plant selection and local retail sourcing. The GardenPilot iPhone App can be downloaded at the App Store for $2.99.

The GardenPilot plant search app allows the user to search the plants database by common or botanical name, or to search by category with plant characteristics. With a plant selected, they can then search for the local retailers who sell that plant. Local is defined by the phone’s GPS location or the zip code entered when using the web app.

“I want to publicly acknowledge the GardenPilot iPhone App and Web App development team for investing their expertise and talent to create an incredible plant search tool,” says Steve Cissel, 10-20 Media CEO. “Also, I want to acknowledge the participating industry experts, brands, breeders and professional content providers for sharing in the vision and for trusting and encouraging 10-20 Media. Together we have created a plants database of over 14,000 images and descriptions that truly empower the consumer (and the retailer).”

For more information on the GardenPilot iPhone App, visit GardenPilot.com.

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