Jackson & Perkins Showcases Fall Offerings

Jackson & Perkins Showcases Fall Offerings

Jackson & Perkins Showcases Fall Offerings

Jackson & Perkins recently introduced its latest offerings for Fall 2009. Here are 10 of the company’s newcomers:


Sedona Hybrid Tea Rose
These high-centered double blooms glow in shades of coral, rose, red and peach. Each is exquisitely sculpted, slowly swirling open to release a heavenly sweet pear fragrance different from any other scent in the rose garden. The blooms display stronger coral and pink tones in cooler climates and richer rose and red shades in the heat.

Peppermint Splash Grandiflora Rose
Enormous blooms, each one distinctively different, open with high-centered form, releasing the evocative high summer aroma of fresh honeysuckle. The petals aren’t exactly striped. Instead, they’re a swirled confection of rich pink against Christmas red and snowy white.

Monkey Business Floribunda Rose

The flowers have bright banana tones and enticing licorice scent. Devoted to pure merriment, this low-maintenance rose is a cheery reminder of life’s simple pleasures.

Butterfly Bush ‘Potter’s Purple’
‘Potter’s Purple’ is a very quick-growing shrub that is super easy to grow and trouble-free. Expect it to reach about 5 to 7 feet high and wide, or keep it trimmed smaller. Content in full sun and any well-drained soil, it will bring not only butterflies but bees and hummingbirds into the garden. It makes a terrific addition to any group planting.

Geranium ‘Jolly Bee’
Large violet blooms veined in purple and dotted with pale lavender cover this spreading plant over three seasons. ‘Jolly Bee’ is very adaptable to stress, easy to grow and cold tolerant.

Phlox ‘Starfire’
This petite plant doesn’t need staking to support its giant bounty of blooms. Fragrant, cherry-red blooms bring in butterflies and hummingbirds for months. Zones 4-8

Magnolia ‘Ann’
Brilliant rosy-pink blooms with a surprising white interior welcome spring into the sunny garden. A compact, petite little tree, ‘Ann’ is bedecked in bright color for many weeks before the fresh green leaves unfurl. Slow growing, it blooms later than many spring magnolias, escaping late frosts.

Aster ‘Purple Dome’

A hardy perennial that returns faithfully for its spectacular flower show every year, ‘Purple Dome’ offers massive yellow-eyed purple blooms, packed with petals and perfect for cutting. Just an inch or so wide, they create a big, big impact in groups.

Hosta ‘Guacamole’

A delectable hosta with large, handsome leaves that turn a rich avocado green in summer, ‘Guacamole’ does very well in shade. Fragrant white flowers on tall, slender stems complete its beautiful display. It is very easy to grow, adaptable to stress and long-lived.

Daylily ‘Daring Deception’
Frilly purple edging and “eyezone” glow against the bold pink of this extra-fancy, heavy-blooming daylily. The giant blooms keep coming for more than a month, needing little attention to continue their show season after season.