Keep Poinsettias On Target

Keep Poinsettias On Target

Keep your poinsettias on track with On Target, a Web-bsed height tracking program developed by Ecke Ranch. The program is free to customers.

“One of the greatest uncertainties in producing superior poinsettias is accurately predicting and managing growth in the finishing phases of crop production,” says Rebecca Siemonsma, Ecke’s Technical and Sales Support Manager.


On Targetâ„¢ gives growers a tool that is easy to use, and allows for safe storage of charts for year-to-year comparisons and planning. The only system requirements are a Web browser and Internet connection. In addition to providing online tracking, the program allows growers the option to download the data files for comparison and charting offline as well.

Another feature is the ability to interact with Ecke support staff online from within the charting program, allowing for faster and more dynamic service. “Being a leader in technical support is a key differentiator for Ecke,” says Roger Kehoe, key account sales manager. “We need to help our customers in every way possible. We know they are on the line for delivering plants to specifications to their retailers and this tool will be invaluable for the finished grower.”

To reach the program, click here for the Ecke Web site.

SOURCE: Ecke Ranch