Leucanthemum Real Series Features Improved Disease Resistance And Long-Lasting Blooms

 Leucanthemum  'Real Galaxy'

Leucanthemum ‘Real Galaxy’

Leucanthemum Real Series, from Pacific Plug and Liner, is a great addition to your perennial program for late spring to summer sales. These uniquely flowered leucanthemum are available now in a 72 cell. Fall is a great time to plant these to get good bulking, which will lead to better branching, flowering and potential for earlier flowering, especially for larger containers such as 2 gallons.

The Real collection of leucanthemums highlights distinctly different varieties with unique flowers. They all have a sturdy, upright habit that needs no staking, and all are well branched, producing a great canopy of blossoms. These varieties are very floriferous with improved disease resistance.

They bloom early- to mid-summer and repeat in the fall. Leucanthemums are robust drought- and wind-resistant perennials once established. This Shasta Daisy variety is well-behaved with a tight clumping habit. Blooms are excellent for long lasting-cut flowers.

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