McGregor Plant Sales Partners With Elsner PAC

McGregor Plant Sales has partnered with German geranium breeding company Elsner PAC, combining Elsner’s expertise in geranium research, breeding and production with the sales, marketing and customer service expertise of McGregor.

“Adding Elsner to our offering gives all North American growers the opportunity to buy the best geranium genetics in the market in an unrooted or rooted form,” says Chris Berg, business development and marketing manager of McGregor Plant Sales. “We are very excited to have the most innovative breeding and research behind our line.”

Christoph Hoffmann, general manager of Elsner, is also excited about the newly formed partnership. “The companies compliment each other well with their strengths,” he says. “We can focus on what we do best: Keeping the market fresh with the most innovative varieties and having the McGregor team lead the sales and marketing efforts through North America.”

Production will be performed at Nir Ad in Southern Israel and cleared through New York.

For more information on McGregor Plant Sales or Elsner PAC, click the respective link.

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