Medal Of Excellence Nominee: Osteospermum ‘Voltage Yellow’ By Ball Horticultural Company

Medal Of Excellence Nominee: Osteospermum 'Voltage Yellow' By Ball Horticultural Company

Ball FloraPlant’s new osteospermum, ‘Voltage Yellow,’ boasts bright color, earliness and landscape performance. It’s proclaimed to be the first osteo in bloom and last out of bloom. When shoppers are craving color in early spring, this clear yellow variety will stop traffic

The plant features flexible stems that sleeve, ship and show well, making it ideal for large baskets and containers. The low, spreading habit fills in landscapes. ‘Voltage Yellow’ is in trials across the United States and will be available to growers this summer.

‘Voltage Yellow’ is a great choice for growers with low-energy input needs and excellent branching, so fewer plant growth regulators are needed to produce naturally full and compact plants.

Rick Ouding, owner of Kalamazoo Specialty Plants says, “It flowered two weeks earlier than all the other varieties. The fact that it will go longer into the season clinches the sale.”

Cultural tips for growers include:

- Stick cuttings within 12 to 24 hours of arrival. Cuttings can be stored overnight, if necesssary, at 45 to 50° F.

- A rooting hormone can be applied to promote early, uniform rooting.

- Mist may need to be applied for up to 24 hours per day for three to five days, depending on local conditions. Frequency and run time should be reduced during the dark period, but unrooted cuttings must not be allowed to wilt.

- Once roots are visible, the media should be kept moderately wet but never saturated. This will help prevent iron deficiency and the associated chlorotic foliage that can develop.

- Do not pinch, but flower buds can be removed if needed.

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