More Mum Madness

More Mum Madness

Autumn is officially underway this week and several of you sent in fall crops you are especially proud of this season.

Jennifer Kurtz of Kurtz Farms in Cheshire, Conn, sent us pictures of mums in her new Urban Gardener Pumpkin Pot. “I designed the patent-pending Urban Gardener Pumpkin Pots to attract the fall ‘decorators,'” she says. “We are growing 10,000 for Home Depot and independent garden centers throughout New England. Master Tag also is distributing empty pots and tags to wholesalers and retailers who want to drop in mums to the pots, as they fit a standard 8-inch and 10-inch pot. So far, it’s been a hit! In addition to getting the attention of decorators, it is popular with children and those looking for an alternative to the ole’ bushel basket mum!”

Tim Brindley of Stacy’s Greenhouses in York, S.C., captured a customer driving their big mums home from a Home Depot in Memphis. “Our mums are passengers in cars,” he says. “Seat belts everyone! That woman actually bought three mums and drove the two you see home and came back for the other!”

Yoder’s mum trials are ablaze at Lucas Greenhouses in Monroeville, N.J. “When John Friel sent me this overview picture, I was impressed with the scope of our trials and the uniform shape of the plants,” Yoder’s Christine Kelleher says. “Lucas does a great job growing the trials for us, which include new introductions for 2009 and beyond, alongside commercially available varieties.”

Yoder’s Garden Mum Fall Field Day is Thursday (Sept. 25) at Lucas Greenhouses. The event will start at 8:30 a.m. with a presentation followed by lunch and self-guided trial field viewing. For more information, contact

Beyond mums, John Murphy of Murphy John’s Inc. in Sudlersville, Md., sent us pictures of his wife and head grower, Maureen, with a big, beautiful cabbage plant and of a ‘Delta Pure Yellow’ pansy the size of a compact disk!

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