New Grower Sneak Peek: ‘Angel Kiss’

Bergenia Dragonfly 'Angel Kiss'

Terra Nova Nurseries announced a 2012 Sneak Peek variety introduction for growers, Bergenia Dragonfly ‘Angel Kiss,’ on April 11, 2012. This new flower variety is part of the company’s Dragonfly series.

‘Angel Kiss’ has abundant, soft, white to pink flowers, which give added value to an old garden favorite. A perfect companion to ‘Pink Dragonfly,’ ‘Angel Kiss’ is easy to grow, and lights up an early spring garden. Flowers emerge snow-white and take on a light-pink glow throughout the March to April bloom period. During the winter, the foliage takes on a shade of black.

This bergenia is deer-resistant, drought-tolerant and attracts hummingbirds. The average size of this evergreen variety includes 10-inch width, 12-inch height and 15-inch flower height. ‘Angel Kiss’ performs well in USDA Zones 4 to 9.

Terra Nova Nurseries has created a Plant Profile page and Grower Recipe specific to this new variety, so growers interested in possible liner orders can learn about growing habits, plant characteristics, fertilization recommendations, water requirements and other insights provided by the breeding team. These documents can be viewed and downloaded for printing at

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