New Rooting Station For Dömmen

Plainview Growers of New Jersey will be taking on rooting station duties for the entire line of Dömmen genetics, except for begonias, effective with Spring 2011 programs. Plainview’s rooting territory will extend to Pennsylvania in the south, New York in the west, and the Canadian border in the north.

Plainview will be taking on the rooting programs handled for the past three seasons by CK Greenhouses, based in Connecticut. CK Greenhouses will now focus on finished plant production. 

Plainview Growers, founded in 1985, focuses on young plant production. They have over half a million square feet of greenhouse space and almost three quarters of a million square feet of outdoors growing area, and commensurate production and shipping space in two locations. Plainview is participating in energy independence research with Rutgers University, testing the use of grass pellets in pellet furnaces. Plainview’s rooting and trucking abilities add to Dömmen’s expanded farm capacity in Central America.  

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