Newly Launched Online Foliage Company Bloomscape Grabs Consumer Headlines in its First Week

Bloomscape is the newly launched online houseplant store, launched March 20, by Founder and CEO Justin Mast.

Detroit-based Bloomscape, a curated shop of plants and an expert plant care community, opened its online doors on March 20. The company is out to make buying plants easier by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to consumers’ doors, and setting them up for success by providing all the tips and tricks needed to help plants thrive.

Bloomscape was founded by Justin Mast, a Michigan designer and entrepreneur who grew up in the floriculture industry at Glass Corner Greenhouses (now Mast Young Plants), the young plants operation owned by his parents, Rick and Joyce Mast, who have both worked for Ball Horticultural Co. Joyce left Ball in August 2017 to work full time at Bloomscape. Growing up in the business and steeped in the horticultural bloodlines of five generations of Dutch greenhouse growers and floral industry pioneers who brought their trade to the U.S, Justin Mast took that knowledge and experience and combined it with his passion for plants to deliver plants directly from his family’s greenhouse.

“Plants make any space in your home feel lived-in and welcoming in a fresh and cozy way,” Mast said in a PR Newswire release. “The Dutch have a word for this feeling — gezellig. For most people, however, the experience of buying plants is anything but gezellig. Our goal is simple — we’re making it easier and more enjoyable to buy potted plants. Bloomscape plants come fully grown, potted in fresh soil, direct from our greenhouse, delivered to (consumers) in great condition and ready to be enjoyed. This gives our customers the best possible start for plant ownership and allows them to spend energy enjoying their plants, which we also help with, by the way.”

Bloomscape is backed by Alex Ebert, the lead singer and songwriter of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Bridget Russo, former CMO of Shinola, among other investors.

“Bloomscape is an adventure I’m deeply passionate about,” Ebert said in the release. “From my family’s garden to my recording studio, plants bring a simple but invaluable connection to nature. I’m proud to invest in a company making plants more accessible for everyone.”

Consumer Headlines Scoop Industry, and Mast’s “Plant Mom” Helps Consumers

On Bloomscape’s online store, consumers are prompted with four plant size options. Selection filters include level of care required, availability of natural light, and pet-friendliness. Fully grown plants are shipped to consumers in a terracotta pot and saucer, and packaged in an easy-to-open box.

Already highly media-savvy, Mast and his group have been well-covered in the consumer world, with headlines this week in Vogue, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, and more. Vogue wrote in a March 19 online article, “Bloomscape Wants You to Be a Better Plant Parent” :

“On offer are fan-favorites like Monstera trees, Ponytail Palms, and Hedgehog Aloes. Each arrives with its own care instructions, along with many instructional how-to videos online — an attempt to assuage the fears of even the most anxious first-time plant owners. But, best of all, is Bloomscape’s “Plant Mom” feature. When you’re in need of some maternal, botanical guidance, just text, email, or tweet photos of your less-than-thriving foliage to Plant Mom (who is indeed, Mast’s own mother), and you’re promised a response within 24 hours with her diagnosis and prescription. ‘The site’s not just for people who want to buy plants,’ says Mast. ‘It’s for people who want to own and care for their plants.’”

To celebrate the official launch of its online store, Bloomscape is offering a limited-time offer with every first purchase to allow customers to share the experience of living with plants (#ShareThePlantLove) by allowing customers to send a complimentary, exclusive Bloomscape succulent to a loved one.

Bloomscape opened up shop in 2017, headquartered in Detroit, MI. Plants are shipped from the company’s greenhouses direct to consumers. See Bloomscape’s website to learn more.

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