Novalis Adds Annuals

One of the big news announcements at OFA’s Short Course last week was Novalis adding an annual plant program for 2008. Up until now, the grower consortium had been more focused on perennials and shrubs. The new program, Plants That Work by Color will bring more than 150 varieties of annuals to independent garden centers next spring. Novalis is incorporating select color growers with a common goal of providing proprietary breeding, diverse product selections and controlled liner production and distribution that will be exclusive to independent garden centers.

Plantsmen Josh Schneider and Garry Grueber have been working with Novalis to coordinate this new line. Fifteen years ago, Grueber was instrumental in working with John Rader of EuroAmerican Propagators to organize Proven Winners. Novalis just won Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence for Marketing. For more on Novalis, visit:

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