Online Broker ePlantSource To Offer Vegetative Cuttings By eCommerce

ePlantSource, launched by Gary Falkenstein, will serve as an online broker of vegetative cuttings to the professional grower in North America through a proprietary eCommerce site.

ePlantSource will allow for professional growers to control their order processes with a self-service, price-efficient system. Its full-service, online storefront will streamline the supply chain and provide up-to-the-moment availability and instant order and shipment notifications.

“Technology has revolutionized our world and the industries that service us,” Gary Falkenstein, President and CEO of ePlantSource says. ” No longer do you have to go to the library for research, to the mall for shoes or to the bookstore to buy a book. All industries are transforming to new online ways of conducting business with better service and more choices than before. I feel the time has come for the grower to have this same online way of doing business available to them.”

ePlantSource will be accepting online orders as of mid-April of 2013. ePlantSource says additional details pertaining to genetics partners and other suppliers will be released in early February.

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