Orchids Are Babe Magnets

Roses are red, violets are blue, and orchids are babe magnets, according to blooming potted plant grower Rocket Farms in Salinas, Calif.

Rocket Farms launched a really innovative campaign to promote selling orchids to men for Valentine’s Day gift sales. The campaign, “Be A Babe Magnet,” was inspried by a real-life experience encountered by senior executive Marc Clark, vice president of operations, when he was walking through the airport carrying a potted orchid. He was clueless as women kept smiling and saying hello to him. Some even came up to chat.

“The orchid is a babe magnet for the clueless guy,” he says. “Although my wife didn’t think the airport experience was funny, she definitely appreciated the orchid I brought home. It got me thinking that if guys only knew the power of these orchids, we would probably run out of stock.”

The orchid already is a perfect symbol for valentine’s Day as a symbol of love, beauty and luxury. Rocket Farms ships orchids to customers right from the greenhouse in a biodegradable box. Multi-colored pots are available for decorating tastes. For green-conscious Valentines, an orchid in a biodegradable pot is the perfect gift. The orchids are planted in mulch rather than bark to preserve the moisutre and allow for almost care-free management.


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