Succulents And Osteos From EuroAmerican

Nice Niches

Everything old is new again with the Retro Succulents line. A throwback to the ’70s, Retro Succulents are unique, structural succulents that are a perfect fit for today’s busy consumers, especially those who demand the latest style without all the hassle.

Plants are naturally low maintenance and durable with low water usage, forgiving even the most neglectful owner. Conserving water makes these succulents a fashionable and environmentally friendly option, as well.

“Retro Succulents are designed to thrive,” says David Doolittle, marketing director for EuroAmerican. “These low-maintenance plants are nearly care free and are sure to be a conversation piece, adding a bit of flare and individuality to the garden or home.”

Aloes, echeverias and agaves make up the 16 varieties in the series. Retros come in a range of colors and boast leaf designs that run from narrow and pointed to thick and curvy, and even to those with teeth!

Unrooted Osteos

In vegetative annuals, EuroAmerican is offering Sunny osteospermums in unrooted cuttings. Popular in Europe, the Sunny series comes from one of the most extensive and innovative breeding programs, producing a kaleidoscope of colors and a broad range of heights and growth habits. The versatile plants thrive as bedding and in pots.

“Sunny osteos really let creativity shine,” Doolittle says. “They come in so many colors, shapes and sizes that everyone can find something to love. Since they also thrive as potted plants, they’re perfect for home decorating and even gift giving.”

Nearly 30 varieties are available as rooted liners and as unrooted cuttings. All orders are shipped directly from the producer in Vietnam and imported through the ports of Miami or Atlanta.

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