Spring Trials 2010: Petunias

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‘Black Velvet’ petunia by Ball FloraPlant
The world’s only black petunia, ‘Black Velvet’ and the other varieties in the Pinstripe and Phantom series are easy to grow with no special culture needed. Their unique, innovative color is stunning in the garden and makes high-margin premium baskets and containers. Habit is upright and mounded with tightly branched plants.

Petunia ‘Blanket Violet’ by Green Fuse
This new variety of Blanket petunia produces flowers that are an eye-popping violet with a white center. They’re beautiful solo or in mixed combinations.

Petunia Cascadias Violet Skirt and Marshamallow Pink (pictured) by Danziger Dan” Flower Farm
The assortment of flower colors in the Cascadias series gets even bigger with these two new colors. Cascadias withstand unfavorable weather conditions and maintains full bloom all season long. It has a spreading form and a well-branched habit.

Petunia Double Wave Red by Ball FloraPlant
The non-fading, deep red of Double Wave Red flowers seven to 10 days earlier than others in the series. It is well-matched to Blue Velvet in Double Wave baskets.

Petunia Easy Wave–10 New Colors by PanAmerican Seed
Exceptional uniformity and well-matched habit plus the widest color range make Easy Wave the most versatile of all large-flowered spreading petunias. It’s easier to flower under short days for early-season sales and to produce in premium packs, pots and baskets for more plants per square feet. New colors are Mystic Pink Improved, Neon Rose, Pink Dawn, Red Improved, Formula Mix Improved, Gelato Mix, Great Lakes Mix, Opposites Attract Mix, O Canada! Mix, The Flag Mix Improved.

Fortunia petunias by Fides
Three new colors enter the Fortunia series this year. They are ‘Pink Picotee,’ which is pink with white edge in color; ‘Strawberry Vein,’ which sports pink-veined flowers; and ‘Pink Bicolor’ (pictured) which sports pink-yellow flowers.

Petunia ‘Hurrah Star Mix’ by Syngenta Flowers
This mulitflora petunia from Goldsmith Seeds is great for early-season flowering, and easy to bloom under low light/short days for early spring sales. It offers excellent branching for good pot fill and good shelf life.

Petunia ‘Martha Washington Pink’ by Kerely and Oro Farms
‘Martha Washington Pink’ is the latest petunia available from Kerley through Oro Farms. It is part of the Novela series.

Petunia ‘Midi White’ by Oro Farms and Westflowers
‘White’ is the latest in the Midi series available from Oro Farms.

Petunia ‘Limbo Burgundy’ by Hem Genetics
Burgundy is the 13th color in this non-stretching petunia series. ‘Limbo Burgundy’ is a naturally dwarf petunia that features large flowers. Plant growth regulators are not needed in production.

Petunia Littletunia–6 New Colors by Danziger Dan Flower Farm
Littletunia has an abundance of 1-inch flowers with a trailing growth habit. It is ideal for small pots and hanging baskets. Plants flower from spring to late autumn. New colors are Shiraz, Blue Vein, Sweet Sherbet, Merlot, Purple Blue and Dark Eyed Lady (pictured).

Petunia Opera Supreme in Light Blue, Raspberry Ice by American Takii
Varieties in the Opera Supreme series are extremely floriferous with a low, spreading habit. Plants flower consistently from the center to the tips, and they spread 10 to 15 square feet in the landscape. Ten colors in all are in the series, including the following existing colors: Blue, Coral, Lavender, Lilac Ice, Pink Morn (AAS winner), Purple, Salmon, White

Panache petunias by Hort Couture
Panache petunias are graceful in form as they mature, giving mixed containers and baskets the elegance of European style planters. New in the series are ‘Amethyst Eclipse,’ ‘Lemon Twist,’ ‘Key Lime Pie’ ‘Pink Organdy,’ ‘Pink Morning,’ ‘Stardust Pink,’ ‘Tropical Blue’ and ‘Wisteria Lane.’

Perfectunia petunias by Hort Couture
Perfectunia petunias are a compact vegetative series. Petunias are well branched, floriferous and offer strong summer performance.

Petunia Phantom Series by Ball FloraPlant
Phantom shows off a black base color with a distinctive yellow star pattern. It’s the easy-to-grow companion to ‘Black Velvet.’

Petunia ‘Picnic Light Pink’ by Syngenta Flowers
Picnic offers a continuous supply of 1-inch blooms throughout the season. This Goldfisch mini petunia series offers early blooms and a quick finish in the greenhouse. Its strong semi-trailing habit is good in the landscape and in premium baskets.

Petunia Picobella Rose Morn and Rose Star by Syngenta Flowers
This mini petunia from Goldsmith Seeds has a naturally dwarf habit. No PGRs are needed. Uniform and strong germination leads to a tight flowering window for bench run sales.

Petunia Pinstripe Series by Ball FloraPlant
Each dark purple bloom of the Pinstripe series shows off a creamy white star pattern. Same plant habit and easy culture as ‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Phantom.’

Petunia Potunia Papaya (pictured), Pink and Blackberry Vein by Dummen USA
In three new colors for 2011, Potunia has a round habit, is compact and very early. Potunia is easy to produce.

Petunia Potunia Piccola Pink Vein and Blue Vein by Dummen USA
With smaller flowers than the Potunia series, Piccola is early flowering with a round habit.

Petunia Pink Ray by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Ray has a mounded growth habit, early and large flowers. Ray varieties eventually develop a trailing growth habit.

Petunia Pazzaz Tangerine, Jumbo White and Jumbo Yellow by Danziger Dan Flower Farm
The Pazzaz series petunia loves the sun and is perfect for the warm season. It is floriferous and has a compact growth habit.

Petunia ‘Ramblin’ Violet by Syngenta Seeds
This trailing petunia from Goldsmith Seeds requires no complicated lighting or production schedules. Available as raw or pelleted seed, Ramblin’ is less day-length sensitive than other series. It works well in 4-inch, mixed containers and hanging baskets.

Petunia Sanguna Pink Vein and Rose by Syngenta Flowers
Sanguna is a large-flowered trailing petunia bred for exceptional branching and bloom coverage. This Goldfisch series is early blooming and flowers fill the center of the plant, not just the outside.

Petunia Shock Wave by PanAmerican Seed
The earliest-to-flower spreading petunia and the only small-flowered spreading series from seed, Shock Wave blooms in a tight and consistent, 4-to-6-day window. Fast flowering combines with strong branching to deliver the quickest fill-in hanging baskets of any spreading petunia. These petite-flowered, mounded plants perform well in small spaces, containers and mixed combos. The rebound from overhead watering and rain is faster than other petunias, keeping Shock Wave fresher looking at retail and outdoors. New colors are Coconut (pictured), Buzz Mix Improved and Spark Mix.

Petunia Suncatcher Midnight Blue by Ball FloraPlant
Darker than the original Sapphire, Midnight Blue is the latest addition to the mounded, trailing Suncatcher series. Its no-split habit creates full, lush plants that are covered entirely with blooms for stunning containers and gardens.

Petunia Sunpleasure & Sweet Pleasure by GGG International
These petunias offer outstanding color, a round shape and endless flowers. They’re weather resistant and heat tolerant.

Petunia Sun Spun Lavender Star and White by Ball FloraPlant
The new colors in the series are Lavender Star (with soft lavender flowers with a very dark lavender/purple star pattern) and White (a beautiful, clear white). Sun Spun is the quick-finish, tight-space, lower-temperature petunia.

Petunia ‘SuperCal Petchoa Cherry’ by Oro Farms and Sakata
SuperCal offers a wide range of colors, including Cherry, which is now available through Oro Farms. SuperCal varieties are very heat tolerant and cultivars are early flowering.

Petunia Supertunia Indigo Charm and Sangria Charm by Proven Winners
These additions to the Charm series of miniature Supertunia have early flowering, intense branching and extended summer performance. Plants have strong heat and disease tolerance and show a gradient of color throughout the summer, as new flowers fade with age. This variety is good for small pot production. It starts compact and grows into a size that will please customers.

Petunia Surfinia Bouquet Series by Suntory
Bouquet is a new compact series of petunias available in three colors. Blooms are small in size and bloom in profusion covering the entire plant. Plants have short stems and excellent branching, and bloom through late fall. Colors are Hot Pink, Bouquet Lemon and Bouquet Red.

Petunia ‘Surfinia Mounding Patio Indigo’ by Suntory
‘Patio Indigo’ is a new color addition to the Surfinia Mounding series. Plants have strong center branching and an upright, non-trailing habit. It is excellent for 4-inch and 1-gallon pot production.

Petunia Surprise Strawberry Ice, Bubble Gum, Carmine, Blue Sky (pictured) and Purple Ice by Dummen USA
The Surprise series has medium vigor with early flower power.

Petunia SweetSunshine White Evol. by Selecta First Class
Earlier to flower than previous White, this new addition to the series is ready for retail faster than other double petunias. Mounded, semi-trailing plants have easy-to-control vigor on the bench.

Petunia Wave Purple Improved by PanAmerican Seed
Purple Improved offers the same great habit, garden performance and flower colour, but flowers faster and earlier than the original, with larger blooms and quicker garden fill. Masses of 2-to-3-inch flowers form along the entire length of each branch. Wave petunias are more botrytis tolerant than most petunias, and stand up well to both heat and cooler conditions. Well-suited to 6-inch pots and baskets for mid-to-late-season sales. Begins to flower at 11 hours, and is 12 to 14 days earlier than Purple Classic.

Petunia Whispers Lavender Eye and Red ’11 by Syngenta Flowers
Whispers is a very uniform series with early flowering–most varieties flower with 12 hours or less daylength. This Goldfisch series has excellent cold tolerance and works well in the landscape, baskets and combination planters.

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