Get To The Point(settias)

Get To The Point(settias)

Paul Ecke Ranch

The newest poinsettia from Ecke is ‘Polar Bear.’ Boasting dark foliage, it finishes earlier than other whites and features a longer post-production durability. For every cutting purchased, Ecke will make a donation to Polar Bears International. Marketing material (Potcha! grower pots, tags, posters and bench cards) is also available. 

‘Ice Punch’ is an eye-catching cultivar that commands higher price points for growers and retailers. Framed by dark green leaves, this poinsettia has highly stable patterned bracts that contrast rich cranberry with frosty white centers. ‘Ice Punch’ adapts to a range of product forms and pot sizes.
‘Winter Blush’ delivers a white and pink color contrast which creates higher visual appeal than other marbled varieties, with large, showy bracts and strong cyathia clusters that add to the impact. This poinsettia has an upright branch position, which allows for higher density production.

Syngenta Flowers

‘Carousel Dark Red’ is a dark-leafed poinsettia with dark red bracts. Like its name implies, Carousel gives the appearance of motion with its uniquely curled bracts. For good bract extension on this compact grower, finish Carousel warm and start two weeks earlier than medium-vigorous varieties. ‘Carousel Dark Red’ is part of the Novelty collection.
‘Mars Red ’09’ is an improved variety for 2009, this updated version of ‘Mars Red’ offers a richer red color than the previous selection. The entire Mars family offers excellent keeping quality on the bench at retail with beautiful dark green leaf color. This medium-vigorous grower offers elegant and attractive bracts on thick, sturdy stems.
A new early-season white variety that finishes well under a range of conditions is ‘Mira White.’ The large, clean white bracts are a great choice for painting. The Mira series is easy to grow and requires moderate growth regulation. The excellent root system developed by Mira promises quality plants for sure-fire retail appeal.


The ‘Ice Crystal’ poinsettia is a truly unique poinsettia for the 2009 Christmas season. With a distinctive bract color, ‘Ice Crystal’ is a novelty donning a unique red and white Christmas color and sharing all the good characteristics of the Red Fox Premium poinsettia family.

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