Poinsettia Variety Favorites Of 2010

Poinsettia Variety Favorites Of 2010

Mitchell’s Nursery and Greenhouse hosted an open house early last month in which it displayed 65 different poinsettia varieties.

As part of the open house, Mitchell’s asked attendees to list their five favorite poinsettia varieties within five different categories: red, white, pink, novelty and marble. Mitchell’s also asked attendees to list their top three varieties. These are the favorites, according to Mitchell’s:


1. ‘Carousel Dark Red’
2. ‘Prestige Maroon’
3. ‘Red Jubilee’ (1139 red)
4. ‘Red Elf’
5. ‘Novia’


1. ‘White Christmas’
2. ‘Cortez White’
3. ‘Infinity Polar’
4. ‘Polar Bear’
5. ‘Premium Polar’


1. ‘Pink Cadillac’
2. ‘Pollys Pink’
3. ‘Mars Pink’
4. ‘Pink Elf’
5. ‘Enduring Pink’


1. ‘Ice Punch’
2t. ‘Cortez Burgundy’
2t. ‘Shimmer Surprise’
4. ‘Jingle Bells 3′
5. ‘Monet Twilight’


1. ‘Marblestar’
2. ‘Christmas Angel Marbella’
3. ‘Winter Blush’
4. ‘Infinity Marble’
5. ‘Sonora Marble’

Top 3 Overall

1. ‘Ice Punch’
2. ‘Shimmer Pink’
3. ‘Carousel Dark Red’

Visit MitchellsNurseryAndGreenhouse.com for a list of all varieties included in Mitchell’s open house.

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