Pretty ‘N’ Potted

Pretty 'N' Potted

Dömmen USA
New to the Red Fox line for 2010 is the ‘Red Baron’ garden begonia. ‘Red Baron’ is a true red double-flowering begonia that offers an earlier flowering time and can be chosen as an alternative to traditional reds.
Grandiosa interspecific geranium is a new interspecific crossed geranium series of pelargonium x domesticum x crispum. Grandiosa includes easy traditional geranium rooting in four weeks and the benefit of no pinching and no deep cooling period for blooming. The series offers continuous flowering, good for outdoor or indoor use.
Ball Ornamentals
‘Southern Star’ ruellia is the first dwarf ruellia from seed, which makes this heat-loving nursery item more readily available and affordable to grow. ‘Southern Star’ is very adaptable and low maintenance. This variety is tolerant to wet and dry conditions, making it a great option for very hot conditions like Texas and Florida. It’s available in white, blue and pink, and grows up to 12
inches in height.
Aris Horticultural Services
The new ‘Tiffany’ is an exotic looking yet refined florist azalea. The single 3-inch flowers are tipped in deep mauve. The plant is uniform with small, dense, foliage. It’s a medium forcer with excellent keeping quality.
‘Diva’ and ‘Rozalea White’ are also new florist azaleas from Aris. ‘Rozalea White’ has excellent foliage retention and rose-petal shaped flowers with an occasional dark pink flecking. ‘Diva’ and ‘Rozalea White’ are a medium forcer with excellent keeping quality.
The ‘Diva’ has ruffled pink double hose-in-hose blooms that cover this uniform and strong plant. A very attractive candle stage and six-week shelf life are key features.
Lily Looks
The new Sunny series is part of the unique Genetic Short line of lilies. ‘Sunny After Eight,’ ‘Sunny Bonaire,’ ‘Sunny Borneo’ and ‘Sunny Sulawesi’ are the first four releases. These new pot orientals are great varieties for the consumer to use as a patio or pot display item. Average production time of the lilies is 95 days, and they produce a great bud count from all bulb sizes. Orientals have strong stems, and the flowers are upright and fragrant.
Incurve pot mum ‘Kena’ has dark green foliage and produces 4- to 5-inch flowers that are purple in color and last four to five weeks indoors. This flower color is ideal for Easter and Mother’s Day sales. Grow them straight up in a 4.5-inch pot with one or multiple cuttings in an 8-inch mum pan.
Gloxinia sylvatica ‘Improved Orange Bugle’ is an excellent houseplant, even when not in bloom. Leaves are dark green and hairy with reddish stems. Flowers are tubular, dark orange on the outside and lighter orange with yellow on the inside. Kept under filtered light, this gloxinia will flower all fall, winter and spring. It’s ideal for both 4.5-inch and 6-inch production.
Schoneveld Twello
The silver leaf Picasso is based on the existing Super series Mini Winter Fı and has the same genetic characteristics, such as a more open plant structure, meaning this series also does well in more humid conditions. The Super series Picasso Fı is exceptionally suited for outdoor use and is currently available in seven colors.
The Super series Allure Fı is an entirely new series in our assortment. It combines faster flowering with high quality. Allure is available in nine colors.
Corn. Bak B.V.
Guzmania ‘Techno’ is a fast-growing plant suitable for a 6-inch pot, but can also be grown in a 4-inch pot. The plant has a neon pink/red star-shaped inflorescence.
Additional guzmanias include the purple ‘Fusion’ with dark leaves, the ‘Eclipse’ with a short purple star shaped inflorescence and the ‘Meteor’ with its short red star-shaped inflorescence.

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