Readers Sound Off On Scotts Marijuana Exploration

Not surprisingly, readers had a strong collective reaction to remarks Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Jim Hagedorn made in a June 14 article published in The Wall Street Journal.

In the article, Hagedorn expressed an interest in the medical marijuana market, saying he wanted “to target the pot market” and other niche markets to boost his company’s sales.

Clearly, an opportunity is developing in the medical marijuana market, but readers are divided on whether or not it’s our industry’s place to be part of it. To get a taste of what readers are saying, check out the following comments:

- “Right and moral is right and moral, and this is neither. If Scotts begins selling medical marijuana, then I’ve just bought my last Scotts product.”

- “The mainstream garden supply industry has lustfully looked upon the ‘alternative’ garden supply industry with jealous hopes of someday edging in on the action. With the [marijuana] growers standing in line at the ‘alternative’ garden supply stores with wads of hundred dollar bills in their hands waiting to hand it over to cashiers for drip irrigation, gourmet soil blends (and) specialty fertilizers, it was only a matter of time before companies like Scotts Miracle-Gro got in on the action. Once they do, all the mainstream companies will too. Money talks in this economic recession, and moral or legal objections get pushed to the wayside.”

- “This is a market that would benefit many of us in our industry. If the federal government would just legalize [marijuana] for medical use that would be a start. I am not a consumer but I believe it would greatly benefit our industry and maybe solve our tax problems.”

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