Sakata’s 2011 Introductions

Sakata's 2011 Introductions

Sakata wasn’t among the exhibitors at this month’s California Spring Trials, but it has new introductions this year despite its absence. Below are a few new varieties from Sakata.

‘Antique Blue’ Cape Daisy

This osteospermum offers a very unique lavender blue-purple bloom. New from Sakata for 2010-2011, this addition extends its Cape Daisy line known for novelty colors, patterns and forms. Large flowers on compact plants with good branching are well suited to 6-inch and larger containers. Flowers remain open on cloudy days and plants have good heat tolerance and garden performance.

SunPatiens ‘Spreading Corona’

SunPatiens ‘Spreading Corona’ is ideal for 10- or 12-inch baskets, gallons or mixed containers.  Matched in habit to ‘Spreading Salmon,’ ‘Spreading Corona’ reaches a height and spread of 36 to 48 inches in the garden and, like the other SunPatiens, ‘Corona’ thrives in full sun or part shade, as well as humid conditions.

SuperCal ‘Cherry xPetchoa’

‘SuperCal Cherry xPetchoa’ has the same strong traits as other SuperCal varieties and brings a unique cherry red hue to the series that now has seven colors. Known for its unique colors and large flowers, SuperCal from Sakata is an ideal combination of petunia and calibrachoa traits. It is pH tolerant, day-length neutral and can be grown cool. The foliage is not sticky, so flowers drop easily from the plant as they age and plants hold up well in all kinds of weather. This plant is compact, with a slightly flat and spreading habit and is a wonderful choice for mixed or monoculture baskets and containers.

Majestic Giants II ‘Blue Jeans’

This pansy is the newest addition in a Sakata series that has withstood the test of time. ‘Blue Jeans’ offers unique multi-hued denim coloring with darker upper petals and is an early bloomer. As with all Majestic Giants II, it has the best basal branching in the large flowered class, a compact habit and is excellent for spring and fall production. Each bi-color bloom will be 3 to 4 inches in width on a plant reaching 6 to 8 inches in height.

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