Save A Place For Perennials And Woodies

Save A Place

 Ball Ornamentals
Complete rust resistance, light-water usage and compact growth habit are the highlights of this very ornamental and useful shrub with an upright habit. Hypericum Ignite ‘Scarlet Red’ boasts yellow flowers in July and August followed by reddish fruits in Fall that make for a great retail display in both seasons. This shrub is deer resistant and can reach 2 to 3 feet in spread and height.
‘Expression’ hydrangea features beautiful clusters filled with many small, double flowers in a delicate pale-pink or blue color. Partial shade is best. Foliage is dark green and blooms from spring until fall on successive flowering new wood. This hydrangea grows to a height and width of 3 feet.
 Blooms of Bressingham
Helianthemum ‘Hartswood Ruby’ is a low-growing, easy-to-care-for plant. It has saucer-shaped, 1-inch flowers of velvety true red with bright golden stamens. Long blooming, flowers persist from May into July. ‘Hartswood Ruby’ grows 14 inches tall by 22 inches wide in its first year. This helianthemum enjoys USDA Hardiness Zones 6 to 8.
‘Amethyst in Snow’ has snow white blooms with royal purple centers, over handsome mounds of silver-green foliage. Very sturdy and hardy. Grows 14 inches tall. Full sun. USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 9. Bred by Sahin, The Netherlands.
‘Amethyst Dream’ introduces a bold new, deeper purple color than typical of the genus. Its large blooms are 2.5 inches in diameter, and its silver foliage handles heat and drought. Unique, shingled flower buds create garden interest even before blooming in May. Grows 20 inches tall by 27 inches wide in first year. Full sun. USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 9. Bred by Sahin, The Netherlands.
 Briggs Nursery
Kalmia ‘Firecracker’ is an easy care mountain laurel. With a mature height of 3 feet in 10 years, ‘Firecracker’ is a compact plant that has deep red flower buds open to near white blossoms that bloom simultaneously. This plant is resistant to deer and leaf spot. Blooming from late spring to early summer, it is best in full sun in a cool, moist, well-drained, acidic soil.
Rhododendron ‘Trocadero’ is a Hachmann hybrid. It is a cross of ‘Torero’ and ‘Erato.’ Both of these plants proved to be hardy into the negative 20-degree range and beyond. ‘Trocadero’ is greatly improved over its parents and should be given consideration as a hardy red production plant. The ‘Trocadero’ flowers in June and can reach 3- to 4 feet in 10 years. USDA Zone 5.
 Darwin Perennials
Grown for its blue-green foliage, ‘Flurry’ arenaria will have a blush white bloom in mid-spring. This variety is not heat tolerant, so it will perform best in coastal regions and the Midwest. This variety can be marketed in programs as a groundcover that can tolerate foot traffic. Its compact form does not require spring pruning.
‘Jumping Jack’ viola provides a longer shelf life at retail than other varieties, which allows for a larger window of sales. It’s a continuous bloomer, that is perfect for summer landscape beds, perennial borders and mixed containers. It can reach up to 8 inches in height, and spread 10 inches.
 Donahue’s Clematis
‘Empress’ clematis has a large double flower with pink outer petals that have a darker pink bar. Inner petals produce a spiky pom-pom effect. It is compact and free-flowering, suitable for containers. ‘Empress’ blooms from May through June and again in August.
‘Avant-Garde,’ as the name suggests, is a very unusual 3-inch, red flower with pink petaloid stamens giving the impression of a double flower and protruding trumpet. Very free flowering. Blooms July through September.
 Emerald Coast
Hibiscus ‘Luna Rose’ is the newest member of the popular Luna family and boasts 6 to 8 inch wide clear, rosy-pink blooms. Like all Lunas, it forms densely branched mounds during the heat of summer. It grows 24 to 36 inches tall in sun to part shade.
With cheerful sunshine-yellow flower clusters, solidago ‘Little Lemon’ brightens any garden without hay fever worries. Hardy in Zones 5 to 8, it grows 8 to 10 inches tall in sun to part shade.
Helianthus Table Mountain is a compact dwarf sunflower that makes an impact anywhere with striking golden yellow blooms atop each stem. Hardy in Zones 6-9, it grows 16 inches tall in sun to part shade.
 Garden Splendor
Penstemon ‘Red Riding Hood’ boasts bright red, tubular flowers atop strong, upright stems. This penstemon is a perfect addition in a perennial border, raised bed, hummingbird garden or as a cut flower. ‘Red Riding Hood’ can reach a mature height of 30 inches with a width of 24 inches. Sun to partial shade is best with well drained soils.
Sorbaria ‘Sem’ displays brightly colored new growth in spring and early summer. Later in the year, the color gradually changes to soft chartreuse accented with soft, bronze-red tips. This resilient, easy-to-grow shrub reaches a mature, compact height of 3 to 4 feet with a width of 4 to 6 feet. It enjoys partial shade and is hardy to USDA Zone 2.
The darkest purple-flowered, spiked speedwell available, veronica ‘Purpleicious’ has a bushy, compact habit with long-lasting, free-flowering blooms. Excellent for beds and borders, foundation plantings, cottage gardens, mixed borders, and container compositions, this plant boasts dense flower spikes above dark-green, glossy foliage. They reach a mature height of 16 to 20 inches and width of 10 to 14 inches. Full sun to partial shade. USDA Hardiness Zones 4.
 GreenLeaf Plants
The gaillardia aristata Gallo series displays long flowering, showy blooms in five colors from yellow to orange to red. They are heat tolerant and have a self-branching, upright habit. The Gallo series flowers June until frost. Reaching a mature height of 10 to 12 inches, these gaillardias prefer full sun and are hardy to USDA Zone 6.
Dianthus Scent First Passion (‘WP Passion’) has deep, dark, red double flowers that rise above healthy green foliage on sturdy stems. Vernalization is not needed to bloom. Full sun. Mature height from 9 to 11 inches. USDA Hardiness Zone 6.
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. fremontii ‘Shimmer’ is long-flowering, with papery lemon yellow flowers among narrow silvery foliage for a shining, shimmering look in full sun. Compact, drought-tolerant, adaptable to a wide range of soils and prefers full sun. Grows to 10 to 12 inches. USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8.
The Luzula sylvatica ‘Solar Flair’ has decorative golden foliage. ‘Solar Flair’ has arching spikes of brown and flowers between April and June. It grows in rhizomatous clumps and its foliage has twisting, narrow, lance-shaped leaves with fringed hairy edges. ‘Solar Flair’ will reach 12 inches in height with flowers.
The Alchemilla sericata ‘Gold Strike’ is free flowering, with bright chartreuse flowering umbels and velvety gray-green, scalloped foliage. This Lady’s Mantle flowers from June to August and maintains a compact habit. Its foliage is velvety gray-green scalloped leaves. It can reach a height of 14 inches.
Eriogonum allenii ‘Little Rascal’ is long-flowering and drought-resistant. With an upright habit, this plant is hardy to Zones 5-10, and prefers full sun. Its foliage is grey-green paddle-shaped leaves that form tight rosettes. ‘Little Rascal’ will reach a height and width of 16 inches.
 Novalis Plants That Work
This variegated agave has reddish brown thorns against a wide, cream-colored margin, which contrasts against the soft, blue-green center. Agave ‘Kissho Kan’ (translated as ‘Happy Crown’), forms into a large, rounded plant that is perfect as an architectural element in the landscape or as the focal point in a large container. It reaches a mature height and width of 12 inches. It is hardy to USDA Zones 9 to 11 and prefers full sun.
An exquisite shade perennial, bletilla ‘Chinese Butterfly’ has creamy-yellow flowers accented by a dotted, maroon lip. In spring, these flowers are poised on delicate wands that bloom well into summer. Pleated foliage compliments the blooms and forms large clumps in the shade garden, combining well with ferns. They reach a mature height of 12 to 15 inches. Full sun. USDA Hardiness Zones 6b to 0.
Oro Farms
The salvia Sensation series is a naturally basal branching Salvia nemerosa which can be grown in several pot sizes. The series started with Sensation Deep Rose and is now extended to more colors. Sensation is the first programmable salvia series in four colors, which can be grown for early spring to late summer sales.  Salvia Sensation is winter hardy (USDA Zone 5 to 9).
From the Centurion series, delphinium Sky Blue F1 is an ideal perennial cut flower, proven to be an extremely hardy F1 hybrid, hardy to Zone 4. It has an excellent stem quality with duplex flowers that are closely arranged on upright, columnar spikes. The Centurion series is highly productive and can be grown in tunnels, greenhouses and open field.
The Stipa tenuicissima ‘Angel Hair’ is a short-lived, hardy perennial that can reach a height a little over 2 feet. Basal stems form large tufts and the thread-like leaves are light green and shiny. The airy, slender, elegant appearance of this exciting steppe plant creates a unique plant form, excellent for garden landscaping.
Dianthus ‘Petite’ is a drought-tolerant perennial with light-gray foliage that grows low to the ground and covers an area completely. In early summer, ‘Petite’ blooms with light-pink flowers on short spikes–a perfect compliment to taller, contrasting perennials. This dianthus reaches a mature height of 1 inch and can tolerate moderate foot traffic in full to part sun conditions.
Soft, deep-green serrated foliage is highlighted during early summer with sapphire-blue flowers, making this veronica an excellent option to provide texture and color in the landscape. Veronica ‘Heavenly Blue’ is perfect for borders, retaining walls and containers. This veronica reaches a mature height of 4 inches and can tolerate moderate foot traffic (up to 2 times a day). Full sun to part shade. Ideal for hardiness zones above -20° (-29C).
 Terra Nova
The newest addition to the new Winter Jewels series, ‘Painted Doubles’ is a double hellebore that has delicate white blooms adorned with red brush strokes that bloom from late winter to early spring. Preferring dappled shade and Zones 5 to 8, it achieves a full height of 12 inches and a spread of 24 inches.
Stunning, warm, 5-inch, tomato-red blooms flower atop this well branched perennial. The new ‘Tomato Soup’ echinacea is easy to grow with good drainage and shows excellent vigor until frost. It achieves a full height of up to 3 feet.
Coreopsis ‘Little Penny’ is the tiniest of the brand new coreopsis series from Terra Nova Nurseries. Hundreds of small, copper-colored, daisy-like flowers bloom continuously all summer. Achieves a full height of 8 inches and spreads to 16 inches. Full sun. Ideal of hardiness zones 9 to 11.
Bred for vigor, this new, beautiful Tiarella is variegated and colorful. ‘Mystic Mist’ has sports bright-green leaves with white-speckled variegation and prominent, red veins all year. In spring, this Tiarella blooms white, foam-like flowers, and shows off pink tones in fall. Achieves a full height of 5 inches and spreads to 11 inches. Part to full shade. Ideal of hardiness zones 4 to 8.
 Walters Gardens
Hemerocallis ‘Elegant Explosion’ is a new reblooming daylily that explodes with orange-gold color beginning in midsummer and then again when it blooms later in the season. Peaking at 20 inches tall, dramatically re-curved blossoms with heavily ruffled petals are produced atop strong, three-way branched scapes loaded with 22 or more buds apiece.
Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’ has a short but full compact habit and scarlet red flowers. Near-black buds open to glossy, deep scarlet red, 7- to 8- inch wide flowers with heavily overlapping petals. These dramatic blossoms cover the plant from midsummer to early fall. Glossy deep green, leathery, maple-like leaves with slight purple overtones provide a striking backdrop. ‘Cranberry Crush’ will reach a height of 3 feet.
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Huron Star’ is a brand new cultivar and comes to us from celebrated grass expert, Martin Quinn. This grass has a few notable improvements, such as a stronger and more upright habit, purple flowering stems, and brighter fall color. The green leaves have a narrow white midrib and form an upright vase-like clump. In late summer, large coppery seed heads turn into fluffy creamy tan panicles which are carried atop purple stems well above the foliage. In fall, the foliage turns colorful shades of red, orange, burgundy, and gold. This is a very tall ornamental grass that is suitable en masse as a backdrop in the landscape or planted singly as a focal point. Can reach a height of 7 to 8 feet. Hardy in Zones 5-9.

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  1. Anonymous

    Veronica ‘Purpleicious’ is a great grower, but slow to bloom and nowhere near the “darkest purple-flowered, spiked speedwell available” as the description claims. It’s a nice, electric, medium purple. Pleasant View Gardens has offered it for two years. And I see a host of other plants listed here that are not new – kinda disppointed really.

  2. Anonymous

    Veronica ‘Purpleicious’ is a great grower, but slow to bloom and nowhere near the “darkest purple-flowered, spiked speedwell available” as the description claims. It’s a nice, electric, medium purple. Pleasant View Gardens has offered it for two years. And I see a host of other plants listed here that are not new – kinda disppointed really.