Selecta/Ball Trixi 2.0

Dave Eastburn, the owner of Gro’n Sell, says Trixi is not just for kids. “We have been trialing and producing these unique liners for four years. The feedback on TrixiLiners from all segments of our market has been so positive.”

Now, Trixi’s high-impact combos have been upgraded to bring you what other combo programs cannot: complete and balanced recipes and unique combo designs. Selecta calls its significant improvement to combo basket programs Trixi 2.0.

The secret to new Trixi 2.0 is three unrooted cuttings stuck and rooted separately in 209 trays for customized treatment. They are then moved to a 50- or 72-count tray to finish rooting together. You get the same TrixiLiner, but a better finished product.

Combo growers can experience the many benefits of Trixi 2.0, such as 100 percent take on rooting; a more uniform final product; better, healthier rooting; and balanced color that can’t be passed up at retail.

Even more exciting, this technique opens the door to unique combos that wouldn’t normally root together, like new Kiss on the Chic that brilliantly blends calibrachoa, bacopa and osteospermum.

Trixi works great in a variety of pot sizes so you can grow the size your customer wants. Use in baskets, containers and pots. You can also boost your Trixi combo sales with brand recognition. Tags are sold in bundles of 50 and ship directly from the manufacturer. In addition, Trixi packaging is available in eye-catching 6-inch pots.

Trixi 2.0 is a mixed container revolution. The program is recognized for its proven genetics, and tested mixes are matched for color, habit, vigor and timing. To learn more about the Trixi 2.0 concept, including culture tips and the available combo recipes, visit

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