Selecta’s Catalog Goes Green

Would you be surprised that wind power was involved in printing Selecta First Class’s 2008 poinsettia catalog?

Marketing Manager Sabina Reiner explored more sustainable alternatives to producing the new catalog. In addition to using recycled paper and soy-based ink, production costs were 10 percent less by not using high gloss paper or UV coating.

“But this was not the end of our environmental protection. Our catalog was printed with wind power,” Reiner says. “It is the first time we printed in California. Our printing company is supporting Green-e certified wind facilities located nationwide.”

Launched in 1997, the Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program is the leading voluntary certification and verification program that sets standards for renewable electricity-based products in three markets for renewable energy: restructured, regulated and tradeable renewable certificates, she explains.

“Our printing company is purchasing 1,200 Megawatt-hours of renewable certificates each year to offset 100 percent of the electricity used at its offices and printing warehouse,” she says. “With this commitment, the printing company is preventing 1,670,400 pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere. This has an equivalent environmental benefit to taking 164 cars off the road each year or 631 acres of trees storing carbon for one year.”

To request a catalog, contact Selecta First Class at 760-634-4341 Ext. 104 or email

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