Shasta Daisy Study Complete

In mid-January, the Chicago Botanic Garden released results of its seven-year study on Shasta daisy in its 30th issue of Plant Evaluation Notes: “A Report on Leucanthemum xsuperbum and Related Daisies.” 

The Chicago Botanic Garden evaluated 36 cultivars of Leucanthemum xsuperbum and L. vulgare between 1999 and 2006 to identify outstanding leucanthemum for northern gardens. Twenty-seven taxa completed a minimum four-year trial, and some were evaluated for a longer period. 

The top-rated daises in the study were Leucanthemum xsuperbum ‘Amelia’, L. xsuperbum ‘Becky,’ L. vulgare ‘Filigran’ and L. vulgare ‘Maikönigin,’ which earned Perennial Plant of the Year honors from the Perennial Plant Association in 2003. 

All of the top-rated daisies received five-star excellent ratings because of consistent health, heavy flower production and robust habits through the evaluation period. 

About half of the 36 daisies received high ratings based on heavy flower production, strong habits and adaptability to the soil conditions of the test site. 

To obtain a copy of the report, write: 

Plant Evaluation Notes
c/o Richard Hawke
Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL 60022

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