Silver Vase Maximizing Digital Communications

Silver Vase Maximizing Digital Communications

Understanding the green industry’s need for fresh, regular communication, Silver Vase has implemented a full range of digital tools. The strategy includes Facebook pages, an online catalog database, a newly redesigned website and plant tags with embedded QR codes or mobile tags.

“We’re constantly seeking new ways to communicate with our customer base as well as the many consumer fans of our products,” says Silver Vase CEO Andrew Bartha. “Social media such as Facebook and digital communications in general provide a superb opportunity to frequently interact and stay top of mind with our customers.”

The company has debuted Facebook pages for the business and its latest introduction, Blue Mystique, the world’s first blue Phalaenopsis orchid. The Silver Vase page features information, product photos and company background, while the Blue Mystique page offers details on the hottest new orchid, plus display ideas, offers, updates and contests.

Silver Vase also recently launched a new website complete with plant care, décor ideas and an online catalog database of their orchids, bromeliads and gardens.

In addition, their new plant tags are embedded with QR codes, also known as mobile tagging. The specific matrix barcodes give consumers immediate access to information simply by using a camera phone or dedicated QR barcode reader.

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