Slideshow: 8 Tropical Plants Your Customers Will Love

8 Tropical Plants Your Customers Will Love

Colocasia ‘Tropi-cools Madeira’

Hort Couture

Alocasia ‘Loco’ from Hort Couture is a statement piece and the perfect accent piece for mixed containers. Crinkled, dark-green corrugated leaves are set off by white midribs.

Colocasia ‘Tropi-cools Madeira’ has velvety-black leaves that also work well in mixed containers. This compact grower reaches 2 to 3 feet in height, and unlike other black-leaved selections, it does not take over in the landscape.

Cordyline ‘Centerpiece Electra’ is a bright and showy C. terminalis form. It boasts bright fuchsia leaves streaked with hot-pink and creamy-chocolate striations.

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