Slideshow: Show-Stopping Plants From The Plant Fashion Show


Dahlia ‘Mystic Wonder Velvet’

Dahlia ‘Mystic Wonder Velvet’is the latest addition to the Mystic Series bred by Dr. Keith Hammett, one of the top breeders in New Zealand. The vibrant, single, deep-red velvety flowers of ‘Mystic Wonder Velvet’ contrast beautifully with the deep purplish mahogany foliage of these bold tender perennials. The plants are upright and long-stemmed but don’t require staking. They are strong, hardy plants with a profusion of blooms. The colorful flowers appear continuously and are attractive to bees and butterflies. Remove the old buds from spent flowers to encourage heavier flowering. This dahlia makes a perfect border plant, is great in containers and is ideal for cut flowers having exceptional vase life. It will add a dramatic touch to the landscape wherever it is planted.

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