Sold On Senetti

Sold On Senetti

Sold On Senetti

Suntory’s Senetti collection of pericallis hybrids has been on the market since 2004, but it has grown over the years to include 13 varieties that are divided into two groups: the Originals, which feature flowers that grow up to 3 inches, and the Babies, which feature flowers that bloom up to 2 inches. Senetti Originals are the most popular of the two groups, growing 2 feet tall and wide.


Ultimately, Senetti is an alternative to lower-profit crops that are mass produced for a few reasons. Senetti, of course, is a low-energy crop, and it maintains its quality in the greenhouse, meaning a grower can sell a crop over several weeks if necessary.

Additionally, Suntory’s pericallis flower under short-day conditions, and they’re relatively easy to produce. In most areas, Senetti requires no plant growth regulators. Instead, it can be controlled by ideal temperature management. Senetti, in fact, can feature up to 200 blooms on a plant grown in a single 10-inch pot.

Another plus to Senetti is its cold tolerance. These pericallis hybrids can tolerate temperatures as low as 30°F. Senetti, of course, presents challenges–most are marketing related–but Suntory has a few suggestions to overcome them:

– Grow specialty Senetti forms like 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch or bushel baskets

– Have full table displays rather than a plant presented here and there to reach the full flower impact

– Upgrade the product with labeling, decorative pots, etc.

– Let consumers know Senetti is a reblooming pericallis. It is suggested to cut Senetti back after its first flowers, and it will rebloom in four to six weeks.

Among the best-selling Senetti colors are Magenta, Magenta Bicolor, Blue and Blue Bicolor. Violet Biocolor has been an increasingly popular sell, as well. The newest Senetti color is Pink Bicolor.

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