Spring Trials 2010: Basil To Calendula

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Basil ‘Magic Mountain’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
Highly aromatic plant with upright growth habit. The plant has dark green, somewhat purplish foliage and high stems with dark purple flowers. It grows up to 36 inches and develops to 12 inches. Due to its quick growth rate, it can be used for high stem (standard) culture.

Basil ‘Pesto Perpetuo’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
This highly aromatic upright perennial has large green and white variegated leaves and white flowers. It grows up to 80cm (36″) tall and develops to 12 inches.

Basil ‘White Mountain’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
A white version of ‘Magic Mountain,’ ‘White Mountain’ has mauve-green foliage and grows up to 36 inches.

Beaucoup begonias by Green Fuse
This new series is very free flowering. Its flexible stems make shipping a breeze. Colors introduced with the series are Red (pictured), Rose and White.

Begonia Bonfire Choc Red and Choc Pink by Selecta First Class
With dark foliage, Bonfire Choc Red and Choc Pink feature a more upright habit than Bonfire and Bonfire Scarlet. The series finishes fast, has excellent branching and delivers outstanding summer performance.

Begonia Dragone Series by Dömmen USA
With gigantic double flowers and stunning dark foliage, Dragone is two weeks faster to flower. Colors in the series are Champagne, Pink Hope, White Blush, Pink Hope and Sunset.

Begonia ‘Go-Go Bright Red’ by Syngenta Flowers
This Goldsmith Seeds begonia offers superior seed quality with more than 85% usable seedlings. ‘Go-Go’ requires less PGR and delivers an early, uniform bloom, with at least three big blooms at the first flush of color.

Begonia Gryphon by PanAmerican Seed
Gryphon fits into existing begonia plug culture and is easier and quicker to produce than vegetative foliage types. Plants are more tolerant of stressful conditions than Rex begonias for less shrink, and fit programs from 4.5 to 10 inches. Retailers will appreciate Grypon’s showy displays, low water needs, longer sales windows and versatility for indoor and outdoor plant sales areas. It grows 14 to 16 inches tall and 16 to 18 inches wide.

Begonia Havana series by American Takii
The Havana series features the same plant habit as the Monza series, but with extremely dark bronze foliage. New colors are rose and white and improved pink.

Begonia Million Kisses Devotion by Ball
The most vigorous trailing begonia on the market, Million Kisses is easy to grow with better branching and early, large flowers. The series flowers 10 to 14 days earlier than the competition. Devotion is the new red color in the series.

Begonia Monza series by American Takii
Very early, large flowers grow on compact Monza series begonias. New colors for 2010 are blush, orange scarlet, coral improved, pink improved, rose improved and white improved.

Begonia Sherbet Bon Bon by Ball
Unique double blooms in brilliant yellow make Sherbet Bon Bon stunning to draw early, high-impact sales. Although it has more upright and less vigorous habit than the Million Kisses series, Sherbet Bon Bon can be grown alongside in basket and container programs.

Bidens Bidy Gonzalez Big by Dummen USA
Bidy Gonzalez is the bidens that flowers fast. With a large, daisy-type flower, it has a controllable habit.

Bidens ‘Goldilocks Rocks’ by Proven Winners
This semi double bidens hybrid offers constant summer flowering. It is excellent for small pot production, but will reach 5 to 8 inches tall and an 8 to 12 inch spread for consumers. It prefers full sun.

Bidens ‘Namid Golden Eye’ by Selecta First Class
Featuring star-shaped blooms with golden yellow centers and apricot petals, new ‘Namid Golden Eye’ bidens has a more upright-to-mounding habit with large, star-shaped flowers. It’s great for pots and containers. The Namid series has excellent branching, short stems and bold flower colors. It is easy to control and quick on the bench–and it’s now available in three varieties. Yellow and Compact Yellow have a semi-trailing habit, while new Golden Eye is upright.

Bidens Pirate’s Talisman by Ecke
The Pirate’s series has a more controlled habit, making varieties good for mixed containers that need to hold their shape through the summer. Talisman has large, showy, single flowers that contrast against dark green foliage.

Bracteantha Dreamtime Jumbo Light Pink, Jumbo Pure White and Jumbo Red Ember by Ball FloraPlant
Now available in three new colors, Jumbo Light Pink, Jumbo Pure White and Jumbo Red Ember, the Dreamtime series is more controlled and mounded than other strawflowers. Jumbo Pure White is more floriferous than the original Jumbo White, with flowers held closer to the mounded plant.

Bracteantha Helica Purple Improved and Dark Red by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
The series is early with abundant flowering, with a compact, mounded growth habit. Large, bright-colored flowers rise above the foliage.

Bracteantha Mohave Dark Rose Evol. By Selecta First Class
With improved vigor and habit to match the series, Mohave Dark Rose Evol. Delivers flowers held above the foliage. No pinching is required, making it well-suited to high-density programs.

Bracyscome Brasco Violet by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
With rich, early and continuous flowering, Brasco is compact with a mounded-trailing habit. It is excellent in full sun or partial shade.

Buddleia Flutterby by Ball Ornamentals
The Flutterby Petite series offers low, spreading groundcover varieties with less viable seed. This free-flowering, non-invasive series is available in a range of colors. 

Buddleia Buzz by Plug Connection
Buzz is a compact, hardy buddleia series that makes beautiful pots and containers, flowers quickly from liners and continues blooming all summer long. These buddleja are hardy to USDA Zones 5 to 11. Buzz varieties have full-sized, graceful, tapering flower spikes. Buzz buddleja flower from May and June to hard frosts.

Bulbine Compact Orange by GroLink
Compact Orange is a flowering succulent that’s drought tolerant and has medicinal uses. It is available in orange and yellow.

Calamagrostis ‘Eldorado’ by Euro American
‘Eldorado is an upright arching, early spring grass with unusual gold variegated foliage and feathery pink blooms. Narrow, green leaves have a bright gold center. Attractive tan wheat-like seeds appear after the blooms.

Calendula ‘Cream Lemon’ (pictured) and ‘Cream Tangerine’ by Thompson & Morgan
‘Lemon Cream’ and ‘Tangerine Cream’ are tall-type calendulas, growing about 24-inches tall. The yellow and cream or orange and cream bicolored flowers are edible.

Calendula ‘Twist Lemon’ and ‘Twist Mandarin’ (pictured) by Thompson & Morgan
‘Lemon Twist’ and ‘Mandarin Twist’ are two new introductions to the Twist series. Compact, bushy plants with fully double flowers are designed for planting in borders or in containers.

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  1. Tres heureux d'avoir trouve un site si bien fournit en semences et surtout celles de basilic que j'espere pouvoir vous acheter ( le Magic Mountain ) je vous remercie Salutations cordiales Joseph P

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