Spring Trials 2010: Cordyline To Cyclamen

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Cordyline ‘Design-A-Line Burgundy’ by Plant Haven
This striking new cordyline selection has fine burgundy weeping foliage with a tight clump-forming habit normally associated with phormium and New Zealand flax. This quick-growing variety makes a striking impulse plant with a long period of seasonal interest.

Cordyline Mocha Latte by Hort Couture
This new Cordyline terminalis is exclusive to Hort Couture. It’s a wonderful improvement on ‘Chocolate Queen’ with strong and more vibrant colors.

Coreopsis ‘Coloropsis Jive,’ ‘Coloropsis Mambo’ and ‘Coloropsis Salsa’ by Skagit Gardens
The Coloropsis series produces masses of flowers non-stop from early summer into fall. Combinations give a burst of powerful blossom color, are vigorous and thrive in hot sun with minimal care. Sunny Border Nurseries introduced the series and Darrell Probst hybridized it. Jive has white single blooms with burgundy eye and orange center. Mambo has pale pink single blooms with a raspberry eye. Salsa has golden-yellow single blooms with a wide burgundy eye.

Coreopsis Lemonade Series by Oro Farms and Terra Nova Nurseries
The Lemonade series of coreopsis from Terra Nova are annual coreopsis that offer six months of color in the garden. Plants require no pinch and develop a nice mounded plant

Coreopsis Punch Series by Oro Farms and Terra Nova Nurseries
The  Punch series of coreopsis from Terra Nova are annual coreopsis that offer six months of color in the garden. Plants require no pinch and develop a nice mounded plant

Coreopsis ‘Route 66′ by Skagit Gardens
‘Route 66′ offers green lacy foliage and large, bright-yellow flowers with a burgundy center ring. Red coloring is more pronounced in the fall. Plants are very hardy and deer resistant and make good color for beds and borders.

Crassula ‘Jitters’ by Euro American
An interesting alternative to a jade plant, ‘Jitters’ is noted for its wavy leaf margin and tight, compact growth habit. It works well in mixed dish containers, landscapes, beds and as a houseplant.

Cuphea Cupid Series by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
The Cupid series produces masses of flowers from spring through fall. It is suitable for the garden as an edging plant, in a rock garden or containers. Colors are White, Pink and Purple.

Cuphea ‘Mellow Yellow’ by GroLink
‘Mellow Yellow’ has glossy, dark-green foliage. It is loaded with bright yellow flowers year-round and has a uniform trailing habit.

Cyclamen ‘Canto Jewel Mix’ by Syngenta Flowers
This intermediate cyclamen from Goldsmith Seeds is well matched for habit and timing. It has a tightly mounded, round plant habit that resists stretching. Plants are 9 to 11 inches tall.

Cyclamen ‘Concerto Pink’ (pictured) and ‘Concerto Wine Red Flame’ by Syngenta Flowers
The Goldsmith Seeds Concerto series is a standard cyclamen with huge flowers atop a beautiful plant. It grows easily at cooler temperatures for a late-season finish. This vigorous plant with many growing points sizes up easily in 6 inch programs.

Cyclamen Laser Synchro in colors ‘Pink,’ ‘Pink Flame’ (pictured), ‘Purple,’ ‘Purple Flame,’ ‘Salmon,’ ‘Scarlet,’ ‘White,’ ‘Wine’ and ‘Wine Flame’ by Syngenta Flowers
The new Laser Synchro intermediate cyclamen series from Goldsmith Seeds features nine of the most uniform well-matched colors of the Laser series. Plants are heat tolerant for early fall and late spring sales and are loaded with long-lasting blooms.

Cyclamen ‘Michelangelo’ by Schoneveld Twello
The newest addition to the Super series is the marble-leafed ‘Michelangelo.’ This mini cyclamen has distinctive veining on the leaves and a smart appearance. It has all the unique attributes of the Schoneveld genetic material, such as thick flower stems, rich and central flowering and a compact plant shape.

Cyclamen ‘Midori Purple Flame’ and ‘Midori Wine Flame’ by Syngenta Flowers
This fragrant mini cyclamen from Goldsmith Seeds has a compact habit suitable for early season sales. Refined foliage and plants size up nicely, whether in 2.5-inch or 4.5-inch pots. Midori grows to 6 to 8 inches and thrives outside in mild-winter regions.

Cyclamen Ranier Series in three new colors by Syngenta Flowers
The Ranier standard cyclamen series from Goldsmith Seeds has huge flowers on showy plants and is now available in three new colors —Light Purple, Pink and Purple Flame. It has uniform habit and flowering and is suitable for larger (6.5 to 8 inch) pots. Ranier grows easily at cooler temperatures, and thrives inside or outside under mild winter conditions.

Cyclamen Super Series Allure by Schoneveld
Allure is a new series with compact plant structure and medium-sized flowers, developed for growing in warmer seasons and smaller pot sizes. It has faster flowering than Super Series Macro. Allure is available in nine colors: Dark Salmon Pink, Dark Violet, Neon Flamed, Neon Pink, Pure White, Red, White With Eye, Wine Red and Wine Red Flamed.

Cyclamen Super Series da Vinci in six new colors by Schoneveld
The da Vinci series is a new introduction for 2010. Available in six colors, it has a round plant structure, thick, strong flower stems and long-lasting, abundant flowering. Da Vinci works well in simultaneous production with Schoneveld’s Super Series Compact. New colors are Dark Violet, Light Salmon Pink, Neon Pink, Pure White, White With Eye and Wine Red.

Cyclamen ‘Super Series Micro Deep Wine Red’ by Schoneveld
‘Deep Wine Red’ is the 15th color added to Super Series Micro. The series offers a genetically small plant structure and abundant blooming and grows well in small–2.5 inch–pots. It has a large number of small, strong leaves, a long flowering period and central flowering.

Cyclamen ‘Super Series Original Violet Flamed’ by Schoneveld
‘Violet Flamed’ is the 16th color added to the Original series, which offers abundant blooming of mini-sized flowers and a midi plant shape.

Cyclamen Super Series Picasso in seven colors by Schoneveld
The new silver leaf Picasso series is based on Super Series ‘Mini Winter’ F1 and has the same genetic characteristics. An open plant structure helps Picasso succeed in humid conditions. It is currently available in seven colors: Dark Salmon Pink, Dark Violet, Pure White, Red, White With Eye, Wine Red and Wine Red Flamed. ‘Wine Red Flamed’ is available in mix only. 

Cyclamen ‘Super Series Verano Wine Red Flamed’ by Schoneveld
Wine Red Flamed is the latest color added to Schoneveld’s Super Series Verano. This series maintains a perfectly round plant structure and doesn’t delay flowering when grown in warm conditions. The Verano series’ uniform flowering makes it suitable for tightly scheduled production.

Cyclamen Winter Ice, Rose and Scarlet (pictured) by Syngenta Flowers
This unique Goldsmith Seeds standard cyclamen has wide silvery bands along the edge of each leaf. Winter ice is suitable for growing under winter conditions with strong plants, thick stems and large flowers. It thrives outside in containers under mild winter conditions.


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