Spring Trials 2010: Dahlia To Dianthus

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Dahlinova dahlias by Fides
Three new colors enter the Dahlinova series. They are: Florida (pictured), a white-pink variety, Texas, a salmon-pink variety and Louisiana Improved, which is purple in color.

Dahlinova Hypnotica dahlias by Fides
Six new colors enter the series. They are: Purple Bicolor, Rose Bicolor, Red Bicolor, Coral (pictured), Lavender and Dark Night.

Dahlia ‘Dalina Maxi Lopez’ by GroLink
‘Maxi Lopez’ is the seventh variety to join the Dalina Maxi series. Dalina Maxi varieties have a compact growth that makes them excellent for 6-to-6.5 inch pots. They are known for their unique, bicolor flowers.

Dahlia Decoretta by Oro Farms and Henry Lommerce
These dahlias, bred by Henry Lommerce in quart pots, are uniform in habit and timing response. Among the varieties available through Oro Farms are Orange, Scarlet, Violet, White and Yellow.

Dahlia Lucky by GroLink
Five dynamic bicolor Lucky varieties are available. Lucky dahlias are all uniform in height, habit and timing and feature 2-to-3-inch blooms.

Dahlia ‘Mystic Enchantment’ by Plant Haven
‘Mystic Enchantment’ is an elegant new dahlia cultivar from New Zealand breeder Keith Hammett. ‘Mystic Enchantment’ has Hammett’s trademark filigreed deep mahogany to black foliage.

Dahlia ‘Mystic Haze’ by Plant Haven
This dahlia has unique sun-kissed apricot-orange blooms with a soft yellow halo and dark central discs. It grows best in Zones 9 to 11.

Dahlia ‘Mystic Wonder’ by Euro American
‘Wonder’ is the latest addition to the Mystic series and offers almost-black foliage as a backdrop for velvety-red flowers. These low-maintenance plants perform well in Zones 8 to 11. 

Delphinium New Millenium Series by Skagit Gardens
This new series offers loads of large, richly-colored flowers tightly stacked on tall stems. Flowers are often double or semi-double and come in four colors: Blue Lace (light sky blue with a hint of pink), Double Innocence, (white flowers touched in green), Pagan Purples (dark bluish-purple flowers with a chocolate or white bee) and Sweethearts (medium to light pink flowers and a white bee, pictured). Plants are long lived and heat and humidity tolerant, while retaining their cold hardiness.

Dianthus ‘Coconut Surprise’ by Plant Haven
This dianthus sports masses of fragrant, double white blooms with burgundy red centers carried on short stems. It grows best in Zone 5.

Dianthus Diabunda Series by Syngenta Flowers
This new Goldsmith Seeds dianthus series is faster and easier to flower for early spring and winter sales. Available as pellets for easy sowing, seed produce plants that are uniform in habit and timed for easy production. Full, branched plants look great at retail. Colors are Pink Pearl, Purple, Purple Picotee, Red, Red Picotee and Rose.

Dianthus Diana (select mix) by Hem Genetics
This new selected mixture features the most uniform colors of the Diana series. It contains the colors Scarlet (improved), Blueberry, White and Crimson. The Diana series has 11 colors in all.

Dianthus ‘Dulce Pink’ by Syngenta Flowers
This fusarium-tolerant Goldsmith Seeds dianthus is available as pellets for easy sowing. Strong branching fills in packs quickly. Plants are fragrant and bred for heat tolerance.

Dianthus Early Bird Series by Skagit Gardens
This series offers fragrant double pinks that flower early and bloom long. Foliage is blue-green and compact. Early Bird is ideal for borders, beds, window boxes and patio pots. Five colors are available for 2010: Chili (dark coral flowers), Fizzy (lavender blooms with a maroon eye), Frosty (pure white blossoms), Radiance (crimson flowers) and Sherbet (cherry pink blossoms).

Dianthus ‘Fandango Crimson Picotee’ by Syngenta Flowers
Fandango is a fusarium-tolerant dianthus with frilly, semi-double blooms atop tall plants. This Goldsmith Seeds variety is excellent for large container programs.

Dianthus ‘Scent First Eternity’ by Skagit Gardens
Eternity is the latest color introduction to the Scent First series. It offers semidouble, romantic rose pink flowers and tidy, blue-green foliage.

Dianthus ‘Sweet F1 Red With White Eye’ by PanAmerican Seed
Growing 18 to 36 inches, the new color in the Sweet F1 series is Red with White Eye, the traditional Sweet William bicolor. The series features taller growth in early autumn-transplanted, greenhouse-grown plants. It is supplied as an easy-to-sow pelleted seed with a 90 percent minimum germination.

Dianthus ‘Telstar Burgundy’ by American Takii
The Telstar series features well-branched plants that produce masses of flowers. It was developed to have a high degree of resistance to Phytophthora and other damp-off pathogens. Plants in the Telstar dianthus series are also resistant to both heat and frost. Colors in the series include Carmine Rose, Coral, Crimson, Picotee, Pink, Purple, Purple Picotee, Salmon, Scarlet, White.

Dianthus ‘Venti Parfait Crimson Eye’ by Syngenta Flowers
This Goldsmith Seeds dianthus is available as pellets for easy sowing. Plants have huge flowers and minimal heating requirements, and tolerate high-density benching for higher margins.

Dianthus ‘Wicked Witch’ by GroLink
‘Wicked Witch’ can be grown in small or large containers and is also suitable in baskets.


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