Spring Trials 2010: Euphorbia To Gazania

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Euphorbia ‘Black Pearl’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
With a greenish yellow flower with a black eye, ‘Black Pearl’ euphorbia features a medium-sized flower and gray-green foliage.

Euphorbia ‘Blue Wonder’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
The blue foliage of ‘Blue Wonder’ contrasts with yellow flowers with dark centers. The plant grows to about 30 inches tall.

Euphorbia ‘Forescate’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
Lime green with green eye, Forescate euphorbia by Histil blooms in large flowers.

Euphorbia characias ‘Humpty Dumpty’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
‘Humpty Dumpty’ is a compact, base-branched perennial. The plant has large, light yellow flowers. The pointed, silvery green leaves make an impressive plant even in non-flowering season. It grows up to 30 inches tall and develops to 15 inches in diameter.

Euphorbia X Martini by Hishtil/Agrexco
The bushy X Martinii euphorbia is full with medium bright yellow flowers with a red eye. With light green foliage, the plant grows to 40 inches tall.

Euphorbia spp. x martini ‘Kolibri’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
Perennial with upright growth habit. The plant has green foliage and small light yellow flowers with a red eye. This plant is a dwarf form of x martini. It grows up to 12 inches tall, and spreads to 10 inches wide. ‘Kolibri’ blooms spring to early summer and is ideal for containers.

Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
A bushy evergreen perennial with upright growth habit. The plant has dark purple foliage that contrasts well with its large lime green flowers. It grows up to 24 inches high, and spreads to 10 inches wide. It is a fashionable patio plant for sales in summer.

Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Robbiae’ by Hishtil/Agrexco
An upright perennial, ‘Robbiae’ has dark red stems, bright green foliage and medium green yellowish flowers that appear at spring. It grows up to 25 inches high and spreads to 15 inches wide.

Euphorbia StarDust Series by Dummen USA
With a compact and round habit, StarDust has increased flower power. They are dark foliage types with pink blush flowers. The colors in the series are Pink Glitter, White Sparkle and Pink Shimmer.

Exochorda ‘Snow Day Surprise Pearl-Bush’ by Proven Winners
‘Snow Day Surprise Pearl-Bush’ has a compact, broadly upright growth habit that presents well in containers. The plant is covered in white flowers in spring and grows well in USDA Zones 4 to 8 and is heat tolerant to AHS Zone 9.

Fuchsia ‘Autumnale’ by GroLink
‘Autumnale’ has a spreading habit that makes it useful in hanging baskets or as a groundcover. It is a very bright crimson, yellow and green.

Fuchsia ‘Fire Cracker’ by GroLink
‘Fire Cracker’ is a triphylla type of fuchsia that features very large, olive-green-and-cream flowers that have pink veining. It prefers full sun or part shade, is heat tolerant and spreads 3 feet.

Fuchsia Jolly by GroLink
New in the Jolly series this year is ‘Nantes Jollies.’

Gaillardia ‘Fanfare Blaze’ by Plant Haven
‘Fanfare Blaze’ is the first in the new Fanfare breeding program. It has unique pinwheel blooms, a compact tight habit and a long flowering period.

Gaura ‘Belleza White Evol.’ by Selecta First Class
Better habit and lower vigor than previous White, White evol. offers good branching, shorter flower stems and continuous rich flowering on upright plants.

‘Passionate Rainbow Petite’ gaura by Plant Haven
‘Passionate Rainbow Petite’ is quicker growing than ‘Passionate Rainbow’ with a tighter growing dense compact mounding habit. The strong cream/green variegation is highlighted by stunning pink flowers, which are massed over many months.

Gazania Daybreak F1 Bronze Improved (pictured), White Improved, Yellow Improved and Mix Improved by PanAmerican Seed
This series leads the pack with its exceptional young plant performance, strong colours on large blooms, and a free-flowering and vigorous habit. The entire drought-tolerant series makes durable, easy-to-grow plants that excel in beds, containers and hanging baskets, as well as edgings or groundcovers. Well-suited to high-density pack programs. Supplied as easy-to-sow coated seed.

Gazania ‘Kiss Frosty White Flame’ (pictured) and ‘Kiss Frosty Flame Mix’ by Syngenta Flowers
Kiss gazanias from Goldsmith Seeds have attractive silvery foliage and love the heat. Full, vigorous crowns fill containers quickly. No PGRs are needed to produce compact, uniform crops.

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