Spring Trials 2010: Gerbera To Iberis

Spring Trials 2010: Gerbera To Iberis

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Gerbera ‘Autumn Colors’ by Syngenta Flowers
This new gerbera variety from Goldsmith Seeds has large, semi-double flowers to capture attention for fast sell-through at retail. Suited for 5 inch and larger pot production, ‘Autumn Colors’ has a rich mix of colors to add depth and vibrancy to seasonal retail displays.


Gerbera Crazy Daisy by Hort Couture
The Crazy Daisy mix is a genetic anomaly that brings unique colors in the most uniform mixed gerbera to the market. These are recommended for 4- or 6-inch pots.

Gerbera ‘Crazy Daisy Eyecatcher’ by Hort Couture
Huge double flowers make Eyecatcher look like a cut flower gerbera, but they are produced on compact, durable plants.

Gerbera Garvinea by Florist de Kwakel
Garvinea is a perennial gerbera series that includes 14 varieties with vibrant colors. Garvinea flower until late fall.

Gerbera ‘Jaguar Fire Dark Center’ by Syngenta Flowers
Jaguar is an early flowering series for faster turns and efficient production. This Goldsmith Seeds series is uniform in habit and flowering time for bench run sales. Genetically compact, it requires no PGRs, and large, flat flowers grab attention at retail.

Gerbera ‘Revolution White’ by Kieft Seeds by Kieft-Pro-Seeds
Compact and uniform plants are short-stemmed with dark green leaves. Good for 4.5- to 5-inch programs. Supplied as a pelleted seed with 90 percent minimum germination standard.

Gerbera Mega Revolution in three new colors by Kieft-Pro-Seeds
Easy-flowering Mega Revolution produces bushy plants with extremely large flowers, making it an ideal choice for 6-inch and larger containers. Pelleted seed has 90 percent germination standard. New colors in the series are Rose With Green Center, Scarlet Dark Center Improved and Watermelon.

Heliotropium ‘Simply Scentsational’ by Proven Winners
This new heliotrope hybrid offers a sweet fragrance and lavender flowers in a heat and drought tolerant plant. It grows to 24 to 30 inches tall and prefers full sun.

Helleborus Gold Collection in three colors by Skagit Gardens
The three latest introductions to the series grows 15-18 inches tall and spread over 24 inches. ‘Cinnamon Snow’ features large, creamy-white flowers blended with rose and cinnamon. ‘Winter’s Bliss’ and ‘Winter’s Song’ have large creamy-white blooms with a dark-pink reverse.

Helleborus ‘Pink Frost’ by Skagit Gardens
‘Pink Frost’ has burgundy and white buds that open to soft pink shades. Flowers mature to deep burgundy.

Heuchera Kira Series by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Kira varieties have a wide range of leaf colors and beautiful mounded habits. With excellent tolerance to heat and drought, they are ideal for pot, groundcover, patio and mixed containers. Colors are Taiga Green, Autumn Leaves, Jungle Green, Temperate Green, Green Forest, Rain Forest and Sunset Green.

Hibiscus ‘China Chiffon’ by Proven Winners
‘China’ is the newest addition to the Chiffon series with its trademark large flowers with a lacy center tuft. White flowers have an attractive red eye. This plant grows 8 to 12 feet tall and likes full sun. It grows well in USDA Zones 5 to 9 and is heat tolerant to AHS Zone 9.

Hydrangea Abracadabra Orb and Star (pictured) by Proven Winners
These new hydrangeas grow 3 to 4 feet tall and wide and prefer full sun to part shade. Flowers mature to hot pink, but can be pushed to blue with aluminum sulfate. Plants have distinctive black satin stems.

Hydrangea ‘Bombshell’ by Ball Ornamentals
With a dwarf, incredibly branched growth habit, ‘Bombshell’ offers a large number of flowers for a Hydrangea paniculata.

Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’ by Proven Winners
‘Little Lime’ is a new dwarf form of ‘Limelight’ and at 3 to 5 feet tall and wide is a good plant for smaller landscapes. Soft-green flowers turn pink and burgundy in the fall. It grows well in USDA Zones 3 to 9 and is heat tolerant to AHS Zone 8.

Iberis ‘Absolutely Amethyst’ by Proven Winners
This new iberis blooms in late April to May (a little later than other iberis varieties) in a new amethyst color. The plant likes full sun, is hardy to zone 4, and is easy to grow and long-lived for customers.

Iberis ‘Masterpiece’ by Agrexco
‘Masterpiece’ offers great season performance with high-color impact. It is an evergreen shrubby perennial that’s covered with masses of large, showy, flat clusters of flowers in spring and early summer. ‘Masterpiece’ is drought tolerant, deer resistant, thrives in poor soil and attracts butterflies.

Iberis ‘Snowball’ by Euro American
This new iberis grows 6 to 10 inches and produces large, bright white flowers. It performs in Zones 3 to 9.

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