Spring Trials 2010: Mimulus To Osteospermum

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Mimulus ‘Curious Orange’ and ‘Curious Red’ by Euro American
Orange and Red are two new well-branched mimulus varieties with a long bloom period and large, long-lasting flowers. They grow to 12 to 18 inches and perform in Zones 9 to 11.

Mussaendas ‘Dwarf Yellow’ by GroLink
This tropical evergreen shrub grows 1.5-to-2 inches tall and is hardy to USDA Zones 8 to 11. It flowers all spring into fall and fits into combo pots well.

Angelart nemesias by Fides
Two new colors enter the Angelart series. They are ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Pineapple.’

Nemesia ‘Aromatica Royal Blue, ‘Aromatica Scarlet’ and ‘Aromatica Sky Blue’ by Ball Horticultural
Grow Aromatica cool and dry with light feed, less pinching and fewer PGRs. A wider color array now includes Royal Blue with larger, darker blue flowers than the original Royal; Scarlet, the most fragrant in the series; and Sky Blue with a color similar to myosotis.

Nemesia Karoo by Cultivaris and Oro Farms
Karoo cultivars provide long-season flowering in combo pots or individual plant containers.

Nemesia ‘Nemesis Red Fancy’ by Westhoff
The Nemesis series offers early flowering varieties and can be cultivated in cool conditions. ‘Red Fancy’ has early, medium-sized orange to red flowers and a trailing habit.

Nemesia Nesia in four colors by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Shiny green foliage and large flowers are featured on Nesia nemesia. Highly branched and floriferous, Nesia has a compact mounded growth habit. Colors are Banana Punch, Pink Spirit, Dark Magenta and Purple Shades.

Nessie Plus nemesias by Cultivaris and Oro Farms
Nessie Plus are an upgrade to last year’s Nessie introduction. The plus is heat tolerance with Nessie Plus.

Nemesia ‘Serengeti Flan de Coco’ by Selecta First Class
A unique new color to nemesia, Flan de Coco is the new color in the Serengeti series. Mounded, semi-trailing plants are a must for adding color to early-season mixed baskets.

Nemesia ‘Sun Drenched Golden Ray’ by Hort Couture
‘Golden Ray’ is a compact-growing, heat-tolerant variety that brings spring combos to life.

Nemesia Sunsatia Coconut Improved, Cranberry Improved and Lemon Improved
Three new additions to the Sunsatia series are improved for better branching, more vigor and an extended season. Cold tolerance makes these varieties good for early spring. Plants are self cleaning, like full sun to part shade and grow to 6 to 10 inches high.

New Guinea Impatiens Celebrette Orange Stripe and Orchid Star Improved by Ball FloraPlant
The controlled habit of the Celebrette series is ideal for small pot programs and thrives in hot and cold conditions. Orange Stripe and Orchid Star Improved both feature a bronze leaf. Orchid Star Improved has large flowers in a stronger color pattern than the original, a tighter habit with a fuller flowering canopy and a smoother, non-puckering shape.

New Guinea Impatiens Divine Orange Bronze Leaf (pictured), Hot Mix Improved, Mix Improved and Salsa Mix Improved by Pan American Seed
A one-week flowering window across an excellent range of the most important colors means easy and simple designer mixes for the landscape market. The only professional-quality seed-grown New Guinea impatiens on the market, Divine offers ease of ordering, timing, delivery and storage without disease issues. Supplied with high seed quality, easy-to-grow Divine delivers transplantable yields and a quick crop time from plugs. Foliage ranges from green to bronze-green, providing a good contrast with the blooms.

New Guinea Impatiens Magnum Series by Dummen USA
Strikingly strong plants, the Magnum series features enormous flowers and plants that are easy to grow. The series features colors Magnum Lavender, Blue, Salmon, Peach (pictured), Fire and White Blush.

New Guinea Impatiens ‘Paradise Rose Flair’ by Kientzler and Oro Farms
‘Paradise Rose Flair’ is a new addition to Oro Farms’ program this year. It has outstanding flower color and a compact habit that allows production in the Oro Farms high-density pot production system.

New Guinea Impatiens ‘Tamarinda Red Bicolor Improved’ by Fides
The lone new entry into the Tamarinda series is ‘Red Bicolor Improved,’ which has red-white flowers and bronze foliage.

Origanium ‘Kent Beauty’ by Euro American
‘Kent Beauty’ is a new ornamental oregano that performs in zones 6 to 8. It offers pink bracts from mid-summer to early fall.

Orthosiphons ‘Lilac Splash’ by GroLink
‘Lilac Splash’ is a tropical bush for full sun. It flowers almost year-round and grows 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Osteospermum Caprivi by GroLink
The Caprivi series is new this year and features six varieties: ‘Bordeaux,’ ‘Lavender Spoon,’ ‘Caprivi Mauve,’ ‘Pink Improved,’ ‘White Spoon’ and ‘Yellow.’

Osteospermum Impassion by GGG
Impassion offers very early flowering, large flowers, no variation in colors during flowering, cultivation without pinching and cold period, a round and compact habit with many shoots and long-term flowering during summer.

Osteospermum Margarita by Fides
New in the Margarita series this year are ‘Cool Purple,’ a blue-purple variety; ‘Pink Flare,’ a pink variety; and ‘White Spoon.’

Osteospermum Sunscape Daisy–5 New Colors by Ecke
Bred by Sakata, varieties are tested for heat tolerance to elevate the garden performance in this species. Daisy Cape Antique Blue (pictured), Nuanza Copper Purple and Terracotta are vigorous with flower power and are best for 6-inch pots, hanging baskets and combination planters. Crescendo Light Purple and Primrose feature large flowers and are vigorous for late summer sales. Light Purple is the first introduction of this purple flower color in this style of heat-tolerant hybrid.

Osteospermum Zion Pink by Selecta First Class
The first true pink in osteospermum. Early-flowering, upright and well-branched plants make a great focal point in patio gardens and offer excellent summer performance.

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