Spring Trials 2010: Senecio To Unicia

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Senecio ‘Athena Yellow’ by GroLink
GroLink recommends growing ‘Athena Yellow’ in large containers. It will attract butterflies.
Senecio ‘Orange Crown’ by GroLink
‘Orange Crown’ has bright orange flowers that turn red with time. It is excellent for butterfly gardens and blooms year-round.  
Setcreasea ‘Blue Sue’ by GroLink
‘Blue Sue’ is excellent as a groundcover and sports pink flowers in the leaf margin. 
Snapdragon ‘Montego Rose’ by Syngenta Flowers
This dwarf snapdragon from Goldsmith Seeds has strong branching and sturdy stems producing an abundance of spikes. Uniform, early flowering leads to faster production and turns. 
Snapdragon Snapshot Red Bicolor by PanAmerican Seed
The new Red Bicolor is red with yellow bee and white tube. The Snapshot series delivers a balance of earliness and good pack performance in bushy, compact plants.
Spiraea ‘Double Play Big Bang’ by Proven Winners
‘Big Bang’ offers lots of color from spring to fall. Spring foliage glows orange and large pink flowers adorn bright yellow foliage. It grows well in USDA Zones 4 to 9 and is heat tolerant to AHS Zone 9. 
Sutera Double Scopia by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
With decorative, large double flowers, the colors in the Double Scopia series Double Blue, Double Pink Pearl and Double White. The branched and compact plants are best in partial shade or full sun. Great for pots, hanging baskets and mixed containers.
Sutera Scopia Gulliver Blue, Great Pink Crown, Dynamic White and Silver by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
With giant flowers, the Gulliver series features new colors for 2011. Giant flowers bloom early on well-branched and compact plants. Excellent in full sun or partial shade.
Sutera Savoir Faire by Hort Couture
Bred by Danziger, this line of genetics is very early flowering, large flowered and extra floriferous, even in comparison to other Danziger lines. Savoir Faire bacopa offer dark foliage that resists drying stress, compactness and a semi-trailing habit. It performs well in summer.  
Sweet Bell Pepper Cajun Belle by PanAmerican Seed
This 2011 All-America Selections winner produces 3.5 to 4-inch sweet bell peppers with a mildly spicy taste just right for fresh eating and salsa, and can be enjoyed green or red. Ready to harvest just 61 days from sowing, Cajun Bell is up to 2 weeks earlier than the competition.
Tagetes ‘Mr Majestic Double’ by Thompson & Morgan
The double form of Mr Majestic, this strong, bushy marigold is covered in fully-double blooms with golden and mahogany stripes. Under extreme conditions, an occasional, equally attractive, single flower may be produced.  
Tibouchinas ‘Groovy Baby’ by Plant Haven
Flowers are large in size and number and exceptionally outward facing, which makes ‘Groovy Baby’ a high-impact plant at retail. Plant habit is very compact and dense.
Torenia Solarina White Veil and Yellow by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Solarina varieties have beautiful and unique flower colors, with profuse and continuous flowering. With delicate appearance and trailing habit, it is ideal for hanging baskets.
Torenia Summer Wave Bouquet: ‘Bouquet Blue,’ ‘Bouquet Deep Blue,’ ‘Bouquet Deep Rose’ and ‘Bouquet Gold’ by Suntory
This new series is available in four colors and blooms from early spring through summer. Plants are vigorous but maintain compactness and are easy to grow with no pinching required in the garden.
Tropaeolum ‘Alaska Apricot’ and ‘Alaska Scarlet’ by Thompson & Morgan
These two additions to the Alaska series, ‘Alaska Apricot’ and ‘Alaska Scarlet’ have bright apricot and bright cherry flowers, respectively. Flowers are held above the foliage and can be picked as an edible decoration. 
Tropaeolum ‘Canary’ by Thompson & Morgan
Canary-yellow flowers flecked with red are produced above the foliage on these 12-inch plants. 
Image: Thompson & Morgan (Group) Ltd

Tropaeolum ‘Salmon Mousse’ by Thompson & Morgan
Unusual salmon flowers contrast well with dark green foliage in these neat, compact, free-flowering plants.
Image: Thompson & Morgan (Group) Ltd

Uncinia ‘Belinda’s Find’ by Skagit Gardens
This uncinia is loosely tufted and upright with glossy, dark-bronze leaves edged in bright cherry red. It is evergreen in mild climates. 

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