Syngenta Flowers Kwik Kombos

Syngenta Flowers Kwik Kombos

Selected for color, compatibility and strong retail presentation, the Kwik Kombos program maximizes production efficiency and increases margins for growers. Each mix in the Kwik Kombos program has undergone extensive production trialing–from propagation to finish and outdoor performance–to assure a balanced blend of plants that grow well together.

The plant-and-go process eliminates the typical design and setup delays, dramatically increasing transplanting productivity. Each rooted recipe features three select GoldFisch varieties in a single 50-millimeter liner that is rooted for five weeks, pre-pinched and ready for transplant. Growers may also order unrooted Kwik Kombos and receive 300 cuttings per 100 Kwik Kombos ordered.

New For 2011-2012

Syngenta Flowers has added two new mixes to the Kwik Kombos program for the 2011-12 season. Pink Vibrations is a shade-friendly mix of three Impatiens walleriana. Bombay Summer Sparkler is perfect for summer programs, featuring scaevola from the GoldFisch Heat Lovers collection.

Syngenta now offers rooted Kwik Kombos in a new 50-cell rooted tray. The larger cell provides increased air flow and spacing around the cuttings to help increase plant quality. For the grower in peak planting weeks, the larger cell also provides improved holdability after the rooted liners are received.

Kwik Kombos Finishing

Transplanting liners upon arrival is recommended but if that isn’t possible, growers should space trays on greenhouse benches and water thoroughly until the media is saturated. When transplanting, place the rooted liner slightly below the level of media in the container and make sure the root ball is covered.

- 6-inch to 1-gallon pots. Plant one plant per pot (ppp) with the liner centered. Estimated finish is six to eight weeks.

- 10- to 12-inch baskets or containers. Plant 3 ppp in a triangle with equal space between the liners and the edge of the container to finish in seven to nine weeks. Growers may use 2 ppp, but a pinch is recommended 10 to 14 days after transplant, and production time will be extended to nine to 12 weeks.

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) and/or DIF temperature controls help provide a full and dense finish, especially under low-light conditions. PGR rates and applications vary depending on the combination selected and its components. A Bonzi growth regulator drench may be used at a rate of 1 to 3 ppm. Keep the Bonzi drench less than or equal to 1 ppm for mixes containing sceavola, bidens and Magelana verbena. Another alternative is a B-Nine spray at a rate of 2,500 ppm.

Pinching is not needed in a 6-inch or 1-gallon pot but is recommended in larger containers. If done, pinch 10- to 12-inch baskets or containers five to six weeks before sale date, allowing enough time for a premium finish.

The Kwik Kombos Program

A six-week lead time is required for rooted Kwik Kombos orders and no cancellations will be accepted within six weeks of shipping.

Rooted Cuttings:

- Available: weeks 45/2011 to 24/2012

- Order minimums: 200 per order, 50 per mix

- Pack per box: 200 per box

Unrooted Cuttings:

- Available: weeks 40/2011 to 19/2012

- Order minimums: 500 per order, 100 per mix

- Pack per box: 500

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