The Lowdown At Pacific Plug & Liner

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The Lowdown At Pacific Plug & Liner

If you get a chance to swing by Pacific Plug & Liner (PP&L) during the California Spring Trials, be sure to ask Production Operations Manager Ryan Hall about the multi-cutting liner combos he’s trialed.

Hall rounded up more than 100 recipes from some of the different multi-cutting liner combo programs in the United States, from Pleasant View Gardens’ program and Mast Young Plants’ Designer Liners to Ball FloraPlant’s MixMasters and Syngenta Flowers’ Kwik Kombos. Ball’s black petunia combos with whites and yellows are particular standouts. As Hall put it, Ball’s black-and-gold combos are perfect for Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Inside Pacific Plug & Liner, PP&L is introducing eight new or altering series for 2012. Two new series are Buzz buddleia and Scent From Heaven dianthus. Buzz is a compact buddleia that grows between 12 and 18 inches in containers and up to four feet in the landscape. Among the introductory colors are Lavender, Ivory and Violet Blue. The new dianthus series, meanwhile, contains four varieties. All four have some form of pink flowering and silver blue foliage.

Other breeders with plant material on display at PP&L this year include Cohen Propagation Nurseries, Hishtil and Isaacson Flowers, which is now in its third year in the U.S. market. Mandevillas, dipladenias and allamandas are among the crops Isaacson is providing out of Israel. One of the most interesting Isaacson mandevillas on display is Super Trouper Double Pink, which features large double flowers. Isaaacson’s Summer Bell dipladenias are also attractive, particularly when used in hanging baskets.

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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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