Three New Succulents From Rancho Tissue Technologies

Three New Succulents From Rancho Tissue Technologies


Rancho Tissue Technologies has introduced three new succulent varieties: Aloe hybrid ‘Delta Lights,’ Agave pygmae ‘Dragon Toes’ and Agave hybrid ‘Blue Flame’

Created by breeder Kelly Griffin exclusively for Rancho Tissue, Aloe hybrid ‘Delta Lights’ is larger in size and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its unique zigzag foliage pattern adds sizzle to landscapes in Zones 8-11 or interiorscapes.

Produced from tissue culture, Agave pygmae ‘Dragon Toes’ was chosen for its red tips and chunky thick leaves. Each leaf of this seed selection has a distinct imprint on it, which imparts even more drama to the plant. This dwarf blue agave is great for small gardens. Plants grow to 12 inches.

Agave hybrid ‘Blue Flame’ was named for both the blue in its foliage and the shape of the plant, which resembles a gas flame with its gracefully incurved leaf tips. Produced from tissue culture, this succulent forms clumps with rosettes that individually are 2 1/2 feet tall by to 3 feet wide. Older clumps build up to form large dense masses to up to 5 feet tall or more. The flexible blue-green leaves feature spineless margins and only a terminal spine. The blue cast to the leaves forms from a waxy cuticle that covers the surface. Plant in full sun except in hot inland and desert gardens, where light shade will prevent scorching of the foliage. Irrigate little or regularly for more vigor. Hardy to at least 25 degrees F.

For more information or to order these and other RTT varieties, call 858-756-6785 or visit to find a broker.

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