Three Questions With A Poinsettia Retailer

Three Questions With A Poinsettia Retailer

Nola Wagner Of Wagner’s Greenhouses offers feedback on the state of poinsettias at her retail operation.

Is the popularity of poinsettias waning at your store?


The popularity has decreased a little at our store, but we are still even with last year. Not an increase, however. Customers are buying smaller sizes, the 6½ inch container being the most popular. And, of course, red is the most popular color.

How do you make poinsettias special?

We try to make all sizes special by using “glitterama.” That is spray painting and adding glitter. We try to match their décor colors, if possible. Some customers will bring in a fabric swatch to match. We also use a little artistic drama by using different colors on the same plant with overspray. It adds depth to the overall loo

We also offered a “holiday package” of a 6½-inch poinsettia and a 24-inch wreath combo at a special reduced price. The holiday package was $22.49 and the savings to the customer was $5.49.

What could the industry do (breeders, growers and retailers) to improve poinsettia sales?

Sometimes, I feel we have too many different varieties to choose from. Stick with the best and enhance their qualities.