Two More For Editor’s Choice

Two More For Editor's Choice

The Editor’s Choice award is Greenhouse Grower’s original Medal of Excellence, which began in 1989 when founding editor Jane Lieberth and Dr. Allan Armitage covered the California Pack Trials together. After sifting through all the varieties, they compared notes and chose a single new introduction to recognize for breeding excellence. Editor Delilah Onofrey has continued this tradition the last 12 years and has selected five introductions as nominees for the award this year. While three have also been chosen by our industry panel for Industry’s Choice and Reader’s Choice, two more are in the running for Editor’s Choice.

Royal Hawaiian Colocasias

This sensational collection comes from an internationally acclaimed breeder at the University of Hawaii. Originally bred for a food crop, these colocasias are bred to be disease resistant and are sturdy garden performers with fabulous foliage and stem interest, along with a tidy, clumping habit in the garden.

The first five varieties are:
–’Blue Hawaii’ with large green leaves and bluish-purple veins
–’Hawaiian Eye’ with large greenish-purple leaves and dark burgundy stems
–’Hilo Bay’ with glossy, olive green ruffled leaves and dark purple stems
–’Diamond Head’ with purple-black leaves and burgundy stems
–’Pineapple Princess’ with yellow-green leaves and burgundy stems.

The whole collection is promoted in a brochure tag and will be sold at independent garden centers only this year.

Licensed young plant growers include Pacific Plug & Liner and Plug Connection in California and James Greenhouse in Georgia. From 72 liners, the Royal Hawaiian colocasias will finish in a gallon in six weeks. With a fast finish and high perceived value, we expect these colocasias to be profitable for growers and retailers and a hit with consumers planting their own paradise. 

My Bouquet Roses

Nominees For The
Editor’s Choice Award

 – Royal Hawaiian colocasias from the University of Hawaii through PlantHaven

 – Ptilotus ‘Joey’ from Benary

- Bellagio and Mandalay begonias by Kientzler for Proven Winners

- Rudbeckia ‘Tiger Eye Gold’ from Goldsmith Seeds 

- My Bouquet roses from Greenheart Farms

Known as a miniature rose liner specialist, Greenheart Farms has seized an exciting opportunity by working with two rose breeders who have created a revolutionary new rose that is a cross between a miniature rose and a hybrid tea form. The rose is more elegant than shrubby.

Hardy to Zone 4, plants produce cut flower roses for consumers easily and flower more frequently than hybrid teas. They also perform well in patio pots and containers and will bloom singly and in clusters for added value on the patio and in arrangements. Vase life is 7 to 10 days.

The new collection, My Bouquet, has been picked up as a Ball Horticultural Co. exclusive and may expand to include other cut flower varieties at retail. Two of the rose varieties received the American Award of Excellence from the American Rose Society. These plants are all on their own roots and come in six distinctively different colors. A red is in the works. 

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